A day in the life of a CA student… :)

Image 5.10 am : Beep beep…. Beep beep…..!!!!!!! There goes the alarm clock ( the phone, obviously!) and I switch it off with a few well chosen curses on my lips and a fervent prayer that the day should be fine in my thoughts. Slowly I get dressed for the day’s class that starts at 6.15 am. The class goes fairly well and I am happy that I didn’t sleep much during the class. ( It is quite natural for any normal person to doze off after having slept for 3-4 hours at night.). The class ends after 3 solid hours after which I find myself waiting at the Traffic signal at some famous road junction. I am on my way to the Client’s Office ( “On-site” in IT sector lingo) which is where all the activities are supposed to happen for any person of my kind. 

I reach the destination and pass by a few “Good morning Madam!!”s ( In case it is a statutory audit) and little more of “The stare says it all” kind of cold glares ( In case it is an Internal audit) and reach my desk just to find my junior colleagues  already in their places , looking gravely into the laptop screens. I make my presence known and start off with the day’s work by discussing the day’s schedule. Files upon files lay untouched on the table and yet we, the audit team are in need of “details” and “clarifications”. The fore-noon session passes by without a sound of work-related discussion and predominantly with the energy given by the coffee that was placed on our table earlier.

And then comes the lunch break where the team discusses more and more strategies to outwit the rigid staff in the client’s place and obtain some more data from them. Post-lunch session mostly sees us trying to put those well-thought-out strategies into actions and getting rock-bottom results out of them. Then we google for some latest acts and provisions related to the industry and knock off the remaining work planned in the day’s schedule. The last 1-1.5 hours of the work typically is fueled by the energy from the evening-coffee and also a lil bit of Office gossips and updations from the juniors (Ultimately ,They are better informed than I am).

Finally, its 6 pm and I pack my bags and head for my evening class. 3 hours there and with a lot more information, sections of Law,formulae, Concepts and homework I reach my room at around 9-9.15 pm. I silently eat the saved food ( Thanks to  room mates) and browse through the phone for any calls from home or messages from friends. With a heavy heart , I see the message from the junior reminding me to complete the extra work that we had planned ( Value addition to the assignment!!!! ) and sit down to work for a while. After about 2-2.5 hours of outright slogging with the existing raw data of the client , I finalise certain values and close the laptop and open my books. Skimming through the day’s notes ( skimming alone takes 2 hours full), my breath becomes calmer and steadier than it has been all day long and I wind up for the day with smile in my lips and  satisfaction in my heart, determined to wake up tomorrow morning without grumbling.

Thus ends my day . Not just mine, but of many other similar CA students across the country. 




6 thoughts on “A day in the life of a CA student… :)

    • Its after the snooze… 🙂 i schedule snoozes for 2-2 minutes…. so five snoozes and i suddenly get my mum’s image in my head ( way too familiar with it :P) and wake up….

  1. Aaaah!! So glad I’m out of all this!! Let me tell you though, it is never going to get better.. finish it fast and get out of audit as soon as you can (unless of course if you love it) 😛

    • Yeah.. I have been observing. The saying that ” beta, complete this and then life gets better!” never seems to happen 😛 . Anyway, Thanks for reading 🙂 . Have been reading your blog regularly ( kinda sincerely,actually 😀 ) and kudos!! Way to go!

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