What Articleship has taught me so far….

Image My two years of articleship life comes to an end which has left me thinking,” what has changed in me during  these two years ???” .. “What have i learnt during this time?” etc.  

My two years in my office has taught me a lot. It usually is the case with all CA students. We enter the office with lots of dreams and ambitions and realise that not many of those dreams are gonna happen when we are still there and slowly adapt and adjust to the “sanskar” of the office. During the second half of the second and the whole of third year of articleship, the only chanting that goes on and on in our lips is that ” Oh God!! Please get me through this safely and let me pass it in the first shot “.

         Waiting in the office, doing nothing at all until your boss comes, bestows us with a lot of Patience. It is such an important trait that many of us have been devoid of until we stepped into our offices. Everybody , the office staff, client staff, store keeper ( in case of inventory counts) ….All of them have a dominant part in teaching us this virtue. Meanwhile, when we wait, we become the subject of ridicule and slandering in the office ( courtesy: office staff) which we are supposed to bear with silence ( Mind voices are of great help here!) and yet reply to them politely without a trace of sarcasm or rudeness ( Why so? Coz they are the ones in charge of crediting our stipend and conveyance claims to our accounts- something similar to worshiping Garudazhvar  in Perumal temples and Chandikeswarar in Shiva temples). So that way, we bring in Politeness into our system.

“If you are not able to convince your boss, confuse him.”

Hmmm… This is something very crucial for the very survival of articled assistants. I am sure all of us might have encountered such a sticky situation where how much ever we try, there remains a huge gap between our understanding and our superior’s understanding of the same situation. In such scenarios, the above given line is golden! This might as well be one of the best Corporate Mantras I have come across.

           Decision-making is another quality that we imbibe in the course of time. It is 4 pm now and we still have only the documentation( ONLY??????) part to be done and tomorrow we are closing the audit ( Sounds familiar?? Arre!! Happens everywhere).So by 2-3 hours today, I ll have to decide and get all those papers ready and what all figures to freeze and all. That is how it is learnt.

          And a lot other traits like time-management ( u have 24 hours in day and ur hands are over-flowing with 28 jobs), Cash management ( Bank balance is all time pathetic and the Banker – if he gets a chance , is ready to spit on our face) and people management ( Boss, Co-workers, Managers, Clients, Office staff, Teachers, Friends, Parents, Relatives……. Ellarayum samalippom la….. !! ).

         For that’s the noble quality of CA. It doesn’t teach you anything… But it pushes you into various deepest and darkest places and tests each and every ounce of our perseverance. Failure is common here and its not the number of failures that count ultimately, its how much higher we have gone with each re-emergence that counts. 

Its always ” survival of the fittest”.





5 thoughts on “What Articleship has taught me so far….

  1. That’s some rant! Looking at the possible thoughts in a students’ mind, its scary being a CA. But sadly, your post pretty much sums up the deplorable state of affairs at most audit firms. Students are rarely seen as a student => This means that instead of teaching them the tricks and rules of the game, they are expected to be experts. If the student does not fit their lofty(???!) standards, they are pretty much derided and bossed over. Let’s hope it does change sometime.

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