Industrial Training- Yaaay!!! :) or Nay !! :(

A casual chat with my old office mate reveals that many articled students these days are evaluating the idea of Industrial training . Being an Industrial Trainee myself and also after having shared my experiences of being a trainee, let me put those points that i have shared and felt during my stint.

    Industrial Training is a boon to those who prefer to go for Employment than Practice, after their CA course. It gives an insider’s view on the Corporate culture and puts us in various situations which we may hardly encounter during our Articleship period.

Pros :

1. A new learning angle:

learning angle

I am not saying that training as an Articled Assistant is limited in Scope but am emphasising that Industrial Training provides a new angle through which we perceive things. The period of Articleship encourages us to find the mistakes that might have crept into the data given to us and expects us to suggest the way to rectify those while being a trainee we are expected to avoid those mistakes in the first place. Moreover, we get to see how things work from the scratch, rather than sit with the Financials and pore over them.

    2. Fixed timings:

fixed timing

Most of the Corporates still treat us as students and trainees which is in great contrast
to a lot of CA firms that expect us to be equipped and slog like Qualified Professionals. This actually works in favour of the students because as students, we need ample time to cope up with our studies and read and revise our portions for the class next day.

    3. Respect:


This point I tell you from my personal experience. Colleagues in the Company where we do our Industrial Training actually respects us for the effort that we put to gain those two coveted alphabets “CA” attached to our names.During my stint as an Articled Assistant, rarely have I come across a Senior at work respecting me as an equal. This has a major role in our Mental well-being, mind you!

4. Encouragement to be creative :


In my company where I do my training, I am encouraged to suggest new ideas to improve the existing systems and am given the complete freedom to get the task assigned to be done by the deadline.Moreover, most of the higher officials in the Corporate world praise and appreciate you for even the smallest thing that you have done to perfection. This gives a moral boost to our minds and reflects in our work.

    5. Brand name:


This is very important and inevitable for people who do their articleships in Mid-size to small firms. The one year stint in a Corporate not only gives an experience but also adds value to the CV and gives a brand tag to it. This could be of great value in the later period of our lives.

6. Higher pay:

higher pay

Though this aspect has much lower precedence than the others, this also remains an attractive
attribute for pursuing Industrial Training. Companies pay you far higher than the CA firms.

7. Preference for permanent job:


Though this isn’t an assured point in our favour, it will give us a lil relief that most companies give first preference to those who have done their training with them. This saves them the costs of recruiting and training the new joinee.

Cons :

1. Exam preparation leave:


Ummm…This obviously is a tricky part for most of the students opting for Industrial Training. But I have to add that, most companies do understand our situation and give us a maximum of three months leave which is the same as most CA Firms.I would suggest you make your expectations clear with the person interviewing you and also with the HR department of the Company. You could even suggest the extension of your term of training in case they are particular that your period of service should be minimum of 12 months.


Clearly Industrial Training is a better option than Articleship for those who aspire to take up Corporate jobs post qualification.Also, who wouldn’t like a change from the normal ?? So, my friends, just take ur time and make a wise decision!!! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Industrial Training- Yaaay!!! :) or Nay !! :(

  1. Thanks a ton. The article had really helped me & my friend in decision making regarding Industrial Training. As there are few peoples opting for such training because most of the people didn’t even that such thing exist in CA Curriculum.

  2. When I give notice to my principle before or after the selection as industrial traine? I which month I want to handover the notice to principle

  3. I felt some kind of positivity while reading this article but I don’t know what it is. May be I felt the emotions you put in while writing this article.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  4. May i know the company with which you have worked ? And , the article was super duper !!! Thankyou ❤

  5. Thanks it was useful information.
    Just wanted to know your thoughts on whether exposure of Industrial Training is helpful if you intend to start your own practice in future?

  6. Still confused
    [i always suggest not to prefer industrial training because i got to know from most of my friends who are doing that, they told me..that the only thing you learned there is to work in corporate culture or on SAP. They will engaged you in one module or one expense head suppose “stores purchase” & than you have to spend 1 year in same department reporting same thing again nd again. You are nothing more than graduate for them & they used you like that. You will get better learnings in a CA firm about all the topics transfer pricing, mergers, corporate taxation etc than working as a industrial trainee.]

    is it true?
    what is ur opinion

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