Bombay Dreams

I hated Mumbai. Yes. With its crowd of people literally running for daily survival, its humidity, its monsoons and the associated floods , pollution and traffic and what not?? Mumbai, for me, was the most unlikely place in which I would ever want to live. All that was set to change in 30 days.( Rapidex... Continue Reading →


Time to wake up!!!

With a considerable amount of time in the last week spent on reading and reading about corporate accounting frauds, its with a great shock that I come to realise how risky the environment has become for an Auditor. As a representative from that field itself, I would very well say that an Auditor is always... Continue Reading →

My date with a drama

Its like a dream come true for me when I got an invite from my Aunt for an English Play. Excited and thrilled , I went to the Egmore Museum Theatre to witness the "Animal Farm". Its a play based on the Novella by George Orwell and adapted by Peter Hall. The core idea was... Continue Reading →

A quaint lil eatery in Namma Mylapore…..

Mylapore is probably the best place next to Mint street in Chennai to experiment in food and eateries. From high end Eeanglis-ispeakin peter places to the absolute yummy street food kinda places ,one can find all and more in and around Mylapore. One such kutti food point is FOOD POINT. Located on the VM street... Continue Reading →

Ikkaraikku akkarai always green???

Some days just bring you down, don't they? I happened to be a witness of two souls sharing their own woes about work ( one is doing articleship and the other one is an Industrial Trainee) . As always I observed and observed and come to notice the following. Things that make Articleship win The... Continue Reading →

As I Approach the end of The Beginning…..

A typical conversation that happens between a Staying-away-from-home CA final student and a Oh-Am-So-Practical set of parents goes on as follows: Scene 1: Place: The Hostel of the student- Chennai Scene: Study Holidays near the date of exam..sometime during Mid-April or Mid-October , a fine breezy evening ( in case its October and a sultry... Continue Reading →

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