A quaint lil eatery in Namma Mylapore…..

Mylapore is probably the best place next to Mint street in Chennai to experiment in food and eateries. From high end Eeanglis-ispeakin peter places to the absolute yummy street food kinda places ,one can find all and more in and around Mylapore. One such kutti food point is FOOD POINT.

Located on the VM street near Yellow Pages bus stop and Sanskrit college/ Valluvar silai bus stop , this little place is THE go to place to grab a quick bite.

fp 1

Hidden behind the wall and baskets of fruits and bread, this shop is quite famous for its fast food. though it is not a typical hotel type outlet, they do have a few chairs under a few big umbrellas to sit and enjoy the fare.

Pocket friendly and tasty, the items here range from Rs.20 to Rs.70. Sandwiches, Toasts and its many many variants, Frankie, Juices, milkshakes, burgers, chaats etc are found in the menu. The Food point special items ( categorised so in their Menu itself) and the Bread Omelets are to die for (Personal choice)!!

This place has had the reputation of being the lifeline of the inmates of the 358796 hostels found nearby and is always crowded.


I would vouch for this place in my sleep and would suggest it over any other similar place.. 🙂



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