As I Approach the end of The Beginning…..

A typical conversation that happens between a Staying-away-from-home CA final student and a Oh-Am-So-Practical set of parents goes on as follows:

Scene 1:

Place: The Hostel of the student- Chennai

Scene: Study Holidays near the date of exam..sometime during Mid-April or Mid-October , a fine breezy evening ( in case its October and a sultry one if its April).

Student (S): Mom, I am tired of this NON-SENSE!!!! ( pls. note the all CAPS and the triple exclamation marks there)(tears welling up because of utmost frustration)frustration

Mom(M): Why ?? Whats wrong??? ( worried she is, immediately her mind and thoughts wandering off to the most horrendous situations)

S : How much more should i slog and study? There is no *&%$ end to this!!

M : (Exhaling out of relief..) ohhh.. ivlo thaana…. nan romba over a imagine panniten. (meaning: Ohh is this all… i imagined way too much )

This itself should give you a summary and help you imagine what would have happened next. The parent gives a top-notch Gyaan about how this is just the beginning of all those bad, baaaaaad things that are yet to come and how we should be thankful that we are not there yet and how we must see the present situation as a mere practise session etc……

Right, I know what you must be thinking… I was trying to make a point about the title. Earning a Degree is just the beginning.

As many of my friends and Yours truly are nearing the end of our Articleship stint, many thoughts come and sit on our minds like the young couple in Marina Beach after 6 PM ( they really don’t move out unless its real dark and past 10 PM)…Though we have a lot of ideas on what to do next , it so happens that we get all moody and worked up for nothing because of all these thoughts.

Uncertainity about the results hang above us like a dagger in the air that is reday to chop our heads off and it complicates our woes further.

So, as far as we benchers have brain-stormed, I present to you all the following ideas that has occured to us.

Situation 1: In the event of a CLEAR!!


  • Celebrate! Celebrate!! and Celebrate!!! because this is not the result that we often come across. Practise saying “Thank You” a million times and ” Ohh.. you din clear? That’s sad da. Institute is so bad %&%$ and I myself dunno how i passed” sort of remarks two million times.
  • Distribute Sweets in your erstwhile office and promise them a bigger treat later when you get a good job ( conveniently thinking that “unakellam idhuve jaasthi” or ” catch me if you can”)
  • Check with the present office ( In case you are in a BIG 4 or doing Industrial Training) if they are thinking of retaining you and taking you in as their permanent employee.
  • If it is a Yes, do a cartwheel and flash a biggie smile.
  • If it is a No, still do a cartwheel and flash an even bigger smile and start updating your CV, LinkedIn profiles etc.

Situation 2: In the event of 1 FAIL or 2 FAILs..


  • Call up your friends and check up on them to know their results and do the Hi5 when both of you are on the same boat.
  • Check updates on the Institute website to see the syllabus for the next attempt and consider retaking the classes if need be.
  • Keep calm and continue to complete your term of articleship and then decide to take up a job ( in order to gain experience ) or to quit and sit and work harder ( hoping an all clear in the upcoming attempt)

'Your resume is impressive, but next time try to shorten it from 100 pages to one.'

Now, in the second situation, all of us will have such confusions and will not know how to proceed. The advantages of taking up a job after the articleship might be a) fill in the gaps in the CV b) reduced idle time and hence less instances of the mind turning into a devil’s workshop c) networking and connecting to people and building up your contacts while the cons would be a), b) and c)-> TIME!!!!


The advantages of preparing mainstream for the exams are also aplenty like a) full time focus b) time availability to tweak your routine and experiment a little with it etc while the disadvantages would be a) gaps in the CV b) lack of meeting people outside might drive you crazy and depressed.

Whatever the case is, all I wanted to say was , Yes, I am nearing the end of The beginning and am looking for inputs on the above dilemma….. So all those experienced people out there, do drop in your views so that we Benchers can pick it up from there and move on.. 🙂


4 thoughts on “As I Approach the end of The Beginning…..

  1. And for a girl, if I may add, the typical scenario includes scouting for grooms! Preparing for exams / interviews and parallely scanning various profiles.

    Now coming to the pertinent issue, all that you can do is just wait till the results, if you are uncertain about it. If you are certain about the possible outcome, then you know what do – either prepare for the interviews, or for the next exam.

    As my own teacher once told me, start reading through Taxation, Corporate Laws, FEMA and Accounting Standards, along with bit of Economic Times / Business Magazines between the examination date and result date. This will ensure that you are prepared for either of the outcome.

    And I just would like to add that these last few months are probably the last that you can live like a student. Happy and carefree. Why don’t you just freak out and friggin enjoy the time without philosophizing too much? Just my 5 paise.

  2. Hi,
    Nice article.

    Do not over-rate this course. Never align your lifestyle just for the sake of this course. You would feel a different treatment from your co-mates the next day of your results when you clear it. Does it means that you have gone brilliant in one day??!!

    What people rate with results is much more than your work ability.. Anyways keep moving. If you are a professional by now you ARE already. Articleship would have tuned you for that. Results are just a day’s outcome for public declaration.

    Feel you as a CA now and keep moving. Clearing will happen eventually.

    K Shriram

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