Ikkaraikku akkarai always green???

Some days just bring you down, don’t they? I happened to be a witness of two souls sharing their own woes about work ( one is doing articleship and the other one is an Industrial Trainee) . As always I observed and observed and come to notice the following.

Things that make Articleship win

  • The look of awe in the faces of the clients… Absolutely priceless!!looking up to u
  • The cheap thrill of waiting for “that” call from the office about our next outstation audit. Its cheap because we wait not for the audit but for the travel and stay and food perks.. all in one. Especially if it is a Government audit, the sightseeing also. Ahh those nice cabs and swanky hotel rooms and the awesome menu card at our disposal….

cab food hotels

  • Those little arguments that we have with our Client’s employees and in the end proven right.. ( by the interference of our senior or audit manager)


  • Making the client saying “haan JI” for our observations and watching his helpless face at times. ( It is really rare , my friends,because usually it is we who modify our audit as per the client’s wish) .The associated mind voice being ” Now who is the Boss????? “


Things that Industrial Training wins

  • Those typical corporate coffee breaks are nowhere in the picture during Articleship.


  • Shut down the workstation on time, swinging the bag, taking the keys and saying Baaaaaaayyyeeeeee!!!! on time. This, I say, will never ever, ever ever, happen during articleship.


  • A 5 day week. Enough said!! And occasionally a 3 day weekend.


These made me think.. after all, grass is always greener on the other side.. and as ever I smile at them like an idiot.


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