My date with a drama

Its like a dream come true for me when I got an invite from my Aunt for an English Play. Excited and thrilled , I went to the Egmore Museum Theatre to witness the “Animal Farm”. Its a play based on the Novella by George Orwell and adapted by Peter Hall.


The core idea was the idea of animals taking over the farm and the activities of the farm with their own rules and regulations, ie., a little like their own “sovereign” nation. I have neither read that book nor have I had any preview of it , so all the below given comments are purely based on the experience from a first-timer.

The screenplay was very engaging and the clarity was very good. No complex sentences, no complicated phrases in the pretext of using sophisticated English, no use of bombastic words etc. It was simple and pure.

The costumes were true to the essence of the play and did not distract the audience with any bling or shine. It complimented the play and helped it maintain the essence.

The music and on-stage singing were interesting and well performed .

The lighting was amazing and I personally will give more than half the credits to it. It captured the emotions so well as to compensate for any near misses by the cast in their acts ( if there were any).

The cast were awesome in their performances and they did nail it.

Its simply not a mean task to coordinate all the aspects of a play so well and to keep the audiences engaged for a duration of 100 minutes . But the group did just that and left all of us wanting more of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the date and would suggest you all to give it a try!!

Kudos to you, Stray Factory and Madras Players!!!! You guys made my Evening and gave me an experience worth cherishing.


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