Month: January 2015

A Life Without IMs

I lost my phone two months back. Since then I have been planning and doing my research on a new phone suited for my needs but those have all remained just plans and plain knowledge gaining activities. Meanwhile, I have been managing my so called Social life with a Nokia Xpress Radio Set that was gifted to my father way back in 1800’s.

This is the phone that I am talking about.
This is the phone that I am talking about.

My social life consisted of lots and lots of Quora reading, Wikipediaing, Tweeting, Googling , whatsapping etc.  But now that my phone is gone I was and am totally disconnected from those. I don’t mean that I am away from those , but that I am not hooked on to them. And quite literally my life looks like the one that I had in 2010 ( My first Phone year!) . I use my phone just for phone calls and occasional text messages. Initially I felt so lonely and disconnected and kind of strange without all those Apps and stuff. But, gradually i have come to realise how much we depend on such Apps and fail to notice our surroundings and people around us. High-end mobile phones have become such as obsession for us that nowadays I see pedestrians Text-walking on the road and people glued on to their phone screens even when they are out on a date with some-one or on an outing with friends. Phones have become our multi-purpose devices and digital assistants that are deemed mandatory. Little do people realise who the real Boss is and who ends up being dependent on whom. I ,however ,am not of the opinion to shun those devices forever, but just wish , once in a while that the people hooked up to their mobiles look up and see the world around them ( Quite literally! ). My two months without WhatsApp did make my life a little miserable initially. But it did throw a lot of reality back at me like:

  • There is a whole wide world outside the Damned Phone!
  • Suddenly a lot of time availability that could be put to productive use.
  • Searching and trying to attend interesting events in our vicinity.
  • Trying to come out of my Shell and talking to new people and getting to know them.
  • Less calls and less messaging- Lower strain to eyes- Ends up in more energy left in us at the end of the day.
  • More people are interested in talking to me and acknowledging my presence just because I looked at them for once instead of looking at the Phone screen.
  • It did make me realise who really want to be in touch with me and who didn’t care much about it 🙂

So all in all , that was a Destiny made sign to keep a check on me i guess, and now I dont regret the effects of it either 🙂