Month: June 2015

Life-Through a train window.

I was not used to such long,idle and unproductive holidays before. It was after my Final exams and I had no other business in Chennai. So I was called to spend some days in Madurai with my parents, since, for them, I was always pre occupied and on the wheels, literally.

Days went by and with great efforts, I had spent ten full days at home, doing nothing . Absolutely nothing. I was getting restless and it was apparently visible too. So, I decided to pack up and leave to Chennai in search of a job or something. Ticket booked, things packed, I was all ready,happy to be off the epitome of boredom.

Boarding the train to Chennai, I knew the journey was going to be a long one since it was a day’s journey.

The train started leaving the station and I realised what I was leaving behind. Madurai Junction seemed so important to me at that moment. I was overwhelmed. I had gotten too comfortable at home. I was fighting off tears from falling off, lest anybody thinks that I am eloping or worse, in deep mental depression.

Finding my calmness back, I began my favorite pass time , looking through the window.

It was day break in Madurai and so, I could see the city just waking up. Crossing the Vaigai river brought back lots of memories for me. Though there is no water in it nowadays, there were people setting their small shops and ladies buying veggies for the day.

The train was fleeting along with the wind and passed through many many frames. People starting off to work, some of them just brushing their teeth, some just sitting on the platforms and planning their day, some already well into their day of selling tea,coffee and breakfast etc.
All I could do was catch a glimpse of all of them. Just a glimpse, a flash, nothing more.

To me, it seemed perfect. All their lives seemed so happy and just as blemishless. Of course , I was just a visitor for a fraction of second. So it was not possible for me to know what battle each and everyone out there was fighting.

It was then that it dawned to me, this is how I am supposed to be. Life will seem perfect if we keep moving on. Staying for long and brooding over something will make us see only the imperfections and  negativities. That will not lead us anywhere nor will it give us something tangible. It is not news for us that life is unfair and that it also has flaws , but it is in our perspective that we decide what it is for us.

I happened to think so much during a train journey and I had assumed that the journey would be boring. And Lo! I just realised all these. So who knows what each of us may get.

So let us keep moving on ,even if nothing seems to go as we had planned.