Month: August 2015

Ban it on!

It all started on a nice evening. I must say that the advent of WhatsApp has made things easier. Especially for a group. And I bet that every other person who has an active WhatsApp account will have a family group in it. One must know the beauty of that group.
In the initial 15 days the group will be all active and full of masti. Then it will start slowing down. The next ten days, recipes and every other persons food menu will fill the page. The next stage will be of birthdays and anniversary wishes. Other days will find the group eerily quiet. ( Revised Law of Diminishing Utility) . OK I digress.

The Government of India banned the accessibility of porn sites in India yesterday and it is very effective , I must add. So the ever exuberant Family group in my Account started off the Debate of the Day.

Lots of points were perused and ripped apart and I was surprised to see the older generation blaming the advent of Digitisation for this mess. ( I meant the mess created by pornography)

There is one catch though. No matter how much reasonable we younger generation people are, we literally have to struggle to make the elders see sense in a lot of stuff. So , yes, the digitisation. Let’s call this person, X. He is from the 1970s and lives in a bustling metro city. He was very clear that digitisation has caused the damages by spreading porn.

We, the 1990s kids were against it . Digitisation should not be blamed for everything. Its like Arvind Kejriwal blaming Modi for the cause why North Siberia is suffering from a harsh winter. Utter rubbish.

Banning anything will not serve the purpose. Like charity these things should be initiated from the grassroot level. Nip it in the bud. Not after letting it proliferate and become literally impossible to wipe it out. And blaming the West or Digitisation. I have no words to say to those intellectuals. I wonder if they realise that the Western culture was not thrust on us. It wasn’t compelled. We adapted to it voluntarily. And regarding digitisation, you are welcome to shun all digital devices forever. Be my guest. Who is stopping you? I know you can’t because you earn and live due to them. So how hypocritical is this notion?

So all in all it was effective. I mean we can’t keep blaming the media or any other external factors for all the social evils. We must remember that without a perpetrator all these are hapless. So blame game won’t help. Buck up and owe one to the nation. Be socially responsible nation and erase the notion of the older generation that we are absolutely out of bounds. ( it is tough,but still worth a try)