An open letter from a disgruntled Indian voter

Dear Mr.Writer,

I am a voter in my early twenties. I am an Indian. The reason why I am pushed to write this as an open letter is because I am fed up. Fed up with this negativity of yours and whom you call the righteous people. I happened to read this article today and am ashamed to admit that a person who is seemingly educated can stoop so low.

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I would also assume that, you being a very learned person , would be well versed and familiar with our country’s history. Political history,I meant. Especially the Post Independent era of India.  You might know who was actually ruling when and the events associated with it. In such a scenario, it baffles me as to why a person who has had the guts to come to the forefront and take the responsibility of setting things right is getting targeted and bashed by esteemed scholars like you. Even in a company,when something bad happens it takes considerable amount of time to set things right. It is amusing to see that, you, as a learned person,expect miracles to happen in a short span of time when the company under question is a country of 1.2 billion people, if I am not wrong.

And during my entire observation, it does look like politics have become more a personal thing for you. You, who also claim to follow Mahatma’s legacy, have comfortably forgotten that one is supposed to hate the evil and not the perpetrator. But then, who cares for what the Mahatma actually stood for, right? All you need is some silly reason to bash and tarnish an individual’s image.

And every time you do this, Sir, you are forgetting that the Individual under question did not become the Prime Minister of our country by coup. He did it in the way that our Holy Constitution says. I hope you do realise that, in thr pretext of bad naming him, you are ,in fact bad naming every single individual who voted for him. How do you expect us to treat you, when you question our choice of the PM. Isn’t that, by the way,  invasion into our personal space and choices? Especially when you claim to advocate freedom of choice.

And do you actually think that a bunch of teenagers have voted and only because of that he has become the PM? I must say, I admire your logic. For a learned individual, you seem sinfully misinformed. But then, again, who cares? As long as you get your daily dose of individualistic and personal bashing, this shouldn’t bother you.

Sir, let me tell you with all my humility, as a voter all I care for is an India with everything good. I need politicians to work on something, prove his mettle and then talk. I haven’t seen anything proven by you till date sir. You might say that your party leader has proven a big list of things that he had wanted to do. Then please let him do the talking and not you. I have voted and will continue to vote for who ever takes the responsibility to govern India in a way that She deserves. It is not up to you to judge it.

As a voter, I will not value a person who makes personal attacks for something unrelated and who is having a chip on their shoulder regarding things. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, you see. The PM seems to have a better idea about it and that’s why he has won so many hearts.

Finally, I would be the happiest person if you manage to prove your track record in a streak of ten years and then resume your bashing, if that’s so irresistible to you. I , for one, would definitely not vote for you even then,but would nevertheless be happy that you have shown what you are capable of.

From a disgruntled Indian who is disgusted with the personal attacks against his PM.

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