The New App in Town- Brigge!!

It is not very uncommon to find oneself all alone and left out, in a new city, without friends who match our own wavelength and who could be as weird and quirky as us. It is during such sad and moody situations that we realise how much we need that olden days grapewine about What is happening around the locality and How to join in it.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Girls and boys! Presenting the all new App for the purpose- Brigge!!!!!!

One of the mutual friends introduced and I badly wanted to give it a try. So 8 and odd MBs later I lay my hands on it.  It is a burst of color on my phone screen. The App is smooth and is pretty much updated about events that happen in an around Namma Madras. Still on the newbie mode, this App is on the “gathering people” stage.

As a user, I would seriously clap for the user interface that these guys have given us. Thoroughly smooth and less cluttery. The + button does remind us of the new Google Android version, but who wouldn’t love to have cute features everywhere? The navigation through the App is good and the layout is well, awesome.


The only drawback that I could say as of now is the login via Facebook account. Well, I must confess I am not a very big fan of FB and hence that was a turn off. Guys, please do add login through Google too no? So that poor souls like me could save the embarrassment of not having an FB account.

In all, I would say Brigge is refreshing in the world of clutter and chaos and it would do well to gather lots of interesting people out there and maintain the sole purpose of it. So be it kacheris or badminton mornings or standup comedy or JAM sessions or run/bike/walk-a-thons or food walks… Its all listed here. Go out and have the time of your life.

(Since I love colours, my personal bias might have creeped in here readers!)


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