Month: November 2015


That was the hundredth time that they were looking at each other.

They were at a Writer’s club meet and were not new to each other. They did meet every month,at the pretext of this event. Bonding over the latest topics on writing and publishing, hours and days went by. Numerous cups of coffees and fiery reviews of books later, they fell in love. With their own destinies and also with each other.

Or was it love at all?

There was no acknowledgement from either side. There were no discussion on this topic,ever. Was there a little bit of doubt,somewhere in those dark and inaccessible corners of their minds? Would they be better off if they actually discussed this? Had they placed undue reliance of the language that their eyes spoke?

The next scheduled meeting came and as usual the group chattered away in all its glory. His frantic and restless eyes swept over the room looking for the other pair. All those nooks and corners, among the ladies group that was obliviously chattering away, behind the refreshments counter etc. Nowhere was she to be seen. He grew anxious. So was it all an illusion? Was all those lovely memories that they had woven together,mere one-timers?

There they were. Those lovely pair of eyes that had stumped him. Those eyes that had spoken volumes about the admiration and respect they had for him. Those eyes that had shown concern during trying times. Today,he realised that those eyes also conveyed love. Total and Unadulterated love.

They realised the power of the language that the eyes spoke. They understood how much silence can convey if the hearts are in sync. It was at that moment,that precise moment, that the one particular Tirukkural hit them.

கண்ணொடு கண் இணை நோக்கு ஒக்கின், வாய்ச் சொற்கள்
என்ன பயனும் இல 1100

The words of the mouths are of no use whatever, when there is perfect agreement between the eyes (of lovers).

Smiling at each other and mindful of the bond that had been cemented, they moved to join the others. Little did the others know that an epic was unfolding among them, based on the couplet of the Greatest Symbol of Tamil Literature.


WhatsApp Musings- Episode 1

So its one of my relative’s birthday and after the customary wishing on the WhatsApp family group ( for the uninitiated, it is a technologically advanced version of unnecessary debating and judging that happens in Indian Families), I asked her about what gift her husband has got her. Believe me, I was not ready to take a “Nothing” for an answer. But yes, that’s what she got. Nothing. I then asked her husband as to why he is so cruel (:P ) in doing this, to which he replied that they have dinner plans the next evening. There, that did make me a little relieved from my indignation.

While this banter was going on, another relative chips in with a wise input that once kids come into the couples life, the entire focus is on the poor baby/ies. I mean, WTF!

I implied, although it might have been in a totally different sense altogether, that it meant two things.

One- Child bearing is a/the priority.
Two- Well, there is no “me” time after the child comes. Ever.

So, I can safely say that once I become a mother, I will have to forget my time and focus completely on making that poor Kiddo’s life hell by constant direction and judging. What a sad life I must lead then.

I do understand that children need constant care and am all up for it. Believe me. But to say that I have be behind her for the rest of my life just because I took the pains to give birth to her seems annoyingly irritating.

Whatever, somehow I have got fodder for today’s “talk” with my mom. That’s something amusing about my family’s WhatsApp group. It never ceases to throw nonsense at me, although at times it does makes me think over and re-establish my opinions.

Momentary Magnetism

He was the hunk.
She was a non entity.

He was effervescent.
She was subdued.

He was a social butterfly.
She was a geek.

That was them. That was their build. Those were their traits. Both of them never missed an opportunity to steal a glance at each other. Neither did they speak of each other. Time flew. Both of them moved forward in their lives,unknown about what destiny had in store for them.

On a rainy evening , they bumped into each other. He, without his usual gang and She, sans her books. He stared at Her with a thousand thoughts in his mind. He felt blinded as if he was looking into a sharp yet endearing Ray of Sunshine. He had never thought She would have this impact on him. He was stumped. He had not hoped to be disarmed like this. He had not expected to be rendered speechless like this either. All of these in a matter of a split second.

She was unaware of the thoughts that raged in Him. All she could see was a tall frame that stood in front of her. Drenched and completely blocking her vision ahead. She was hesitant to look into his eyes. Scared that she might blurt out her mind. She waited and hoped for him to clear the path.

It felt like ages, to both of them. Standing in the pouring rain, face to face. It seemed as if both of them could read each other’s mind. It seemed as if they were standing with each other’s long-lost piece of soul. It was absolute attraction that was brewing between them. An attraction that had defied millions who searched for logic behind it. An attraction that had built and also equally ruined people. An attraction that no words could describe.

Rains lashed on. The night was thundery accompanied with frequent lightening.

In the momentary flash of lightening, He knelt in front of Her ,looking at Her hopefully. She gave a blank stare and blushed.

Of Unspoken Words

Her phone pinged suddenly. She, groggy from her mild stupor, took it to check what the ping was all about. It was an email. Her heart raced.

She hadn’t seen this name flash on her screen for almost two years now. Two years and a few months,to be precise. It was an email from Him. She bubbled with anger inside her. “Two years of complete silence and now He chooses to ask if everything was fine? “. She was indignant. Yet, composed and calm,she typed in a reply. A formal and crisp one, just answering His question. And there it began. One, two,… Seven emails exchanged in continuous succession. Her heart regained its normal pace but her mind was full of thoughts.  She shut down her phone and tried sleeping. Memories fleeted by her eyes.

“It was two years back that they were totally in love. Blinded, to be honest. They adored and respected each other for what they were. They cherished their bond. Or rather, she cherished it. There was not a single day when she felt grateful for what God had given her. She had made a promise never to throw it away. She never even thought of it.
And it all ended one fine afternoon. Over a phone call. This was not what she had expected Him to do. Of all the people, she never expected Him to be so cowardly and flimsy. She couldn’t bring words together to string a sentence. Silence was all that she had as a reply. Silence was all that she had as a reason for getting discarded. Life went on. She had her friends, though few, to nurse her heart. To hold her tight and say its alright. To take the liberty of abusing Him. Not once did she open her mouth to join in the fun. Not once. ”

Her eyes welled up. She swallowed her emotions. After all life has moved on a lot after that. Lots of things have changed for the good. She has changed too. She had lived up to His words. She had lived as a strong and independent woman. Just like He had wanted. She had had the maturity to take in only the best of what He had told her to be. She was proud of it. And happy too.

She had long wanted a confrontation. To ask him what exactly went wrong. For her own peace of mind. But she had always avoided it. She didn’t want to be accused of creating a scene. She despised melodrama. She now thought,”Why not? I have nothing to lose”.

She packed her bag and locked her apartment. Clearly aware of what she was going for and what the repercussions of her actions will be. For the first time, she didn’t care about what He would feel.

She set out and boarded the train. All through the journey, thinking and rethinking. Oblivious to the beauty that was moving past her outside the window. She was clearly overwhelmed. She walked to his place. With all the determination and courage she had. She didn’t want to break down in front of him. She did not want to look weak and helpless.

There she saw him. He was busy talking to someone. She didn’t get her voice to call him out. “Funny how these things fail us when we need them the most”,she thought.

She stood there, like a statue. And then it seemed that His conversation was nearing the end. Her heart started pounding again. She wanted to turn back and walk off. But, her legs failed her this time. She didn’t want to be seen by Him. But she stood on.

Then, their eyes met. Two pairs of eyes that had a beautiful bond years ago. Eyes that had spoken so many silent words with each other. Eyes that had promised to be there for each other for ever and ever.

Yes, their eyes met.

Indian judiciary scores with humour

Every time I happen to read this case law, I crack up. Not for the apparent reason that a person like me has ended up reading these, but for the way the Honorable Courts of Law in India have snubbed the petitioners who have been cheeky and over smart.

It will not be something new for my reader if he/she is familiar with lots of Fiscal law disputes and judgements. The Indian Courts of Law are notorious for whacking the concerned Departments for having deviated from sensible lines of common sense in many instances.

This particular case is about a Lawyer who chooses to be cheeky and at the end gets paid back with interest by the High court.

In Income Tax Act, people who are carrying on any business or are practising their profession are allowed to subtract the expenses that they incur for the purposes of that particular business from the income that they have earned from that business. So in effect, the net income will be lesser and consequently tax outflow will be less. Please note that the expenses must have been incurred for the purposes of their business and not for any other purpose.

Now,back to our story

So this lawyer had to undergo a heart surgery and paid quite a huge sum of money for that. He claims that expense as Expense incurred for the profession, since,you know, heart is a very important part for his survival which,in turn contributes towards the successful conduct of his profession. So he is justified in treating it as  Plant and Machinery.

This case ended up in being considered in the Honorable High Court. The Court observed that a healthy heart is absolutely necessary for anybody and not just a lawyer. Moreover, if he has to claim this as a business expense, he must have assigned a value to it and included it in the Financials in early years. So right now he is not justified in claiming the expense as business expense.

So much for being cheeky,eh?? :))