That was the hundredth time that they were looking at each other. They were at a Writer's club meet and were not new to each other. They did meet every month,at the pretext of this event. Bonding over the latest topics on writing and publishing, hours and days went by. Numerous cups of coffees and... Continue Reading →


WhatsApp Musings- Episode 1

So its one of my relative's birthday and after the customary wishing on the WhatsApp family group ( for the uninitiated, it is a technologically advanced version of unnecessary debating and judging that happens in Indian Families), I asked her about what gift her husband has got her. Believe me, I was not ready to... Continue Reading →

Momentary Magnetism

He was the hunk. She was a non entity. He was effervescent. She was subdued. He was a social butterfly. She was a geek. That was them. That was their build. Those were their traits. Both of them never missed an opportunity to steal a glance at each other. Neither did they speak of each... Continue Reading →

Of Unspoken Words

Her phone pinged suddenly. She, groggy from her mild stupor, took it to check what the ping was all about. It was an email. Her heart raced. She hadn't seen this name flash on her screen for almost two years now. Two years and a few months,to be precise. It was an email from Him.... Continue Reading →

Indian judiciary scores with humour

Every time I happen to read this case law, I crack up. Not for the apparent reason that a person like me has ended up reading these, but for the way the Honorable Courts of Law in India have snubbed the petitioners who have been cheeky and over smart. It will not be something new... Continue Reading →

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