Momentary Magnetism

He was the hunk.
She was a non entity.

He was effervescent.
She was subdued.

He was a social butterfly.
She was a geek.

That was them. That was their build. Those were their traits. Both of them never missed an opportunity to steal a glance at each other. Neither did they speak of each other. Time flew. Both of them moved forward in their lives,unknown about what destiny had in store for them.

On a rainy evening , they bumped into each other. He, without his usual gang and She, sans her books. He stared at Her with a thousand thoughts in his mind. He felt blinded as if he was looking into a sharp yet endearing Ray of Sunshine. He had never thought She would have this impact on him. He was stumped. He had not hoped to be disarmed like this. He had not expected to be rendered speechless like this either. All of these in a matter of a split second.

She was unaware of the thoughts that raged in Him. All she could see was a tall frame that stood in front of her. Drenched and completely blocking her vision ahead. She was hesitant to look into his eyes. Scared that she might blurt out her mind. She waited and hoped for him to clear the path.

It felt like ages, to both of them. Standing in the pouring rain, face to face. It seemed as if both of them could read each other’s mind. It seemed as if they were standing with each other’s long-lost piece of soul. It was absolute attraction that was brewing between them. An attraction that had defied millions who searched for logic behind it. An attraction that had built and also equally ruined people. An attraction that no words could describe.

Rains lashed on. The night was thundery accompanied with frequent lightening.

In the momentary flash of lightening, He knelt in front of Her ,looking at Her hopefully. She gave a blank stare and blushed.

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