That was the hundredth time that they were looking at each other.

They were at a Writer’s club meet and were not new to each other. They did meet every month,at the pretext of this event. Bonding over the latest topics on writing and publishing, hours and days went by. Numerous cups of coffees and fiery reviews of books later, they fell in love. With their own destinies and also with each other.

Or was it love at all?

There was no acknowledgement from either side. There were no discussion on this topic,ever. Was there a little bit of doubt,somewhere in those dark and inaccessible corners of their minds? Would they be better off if they actually discussed this? Had they placed undue reliance of the language that their eyes spoke?

The next scheduled meeting came and as usual the group chattered away in all its glory. His frantic and restless eyes swept over the room looking for the other pair. All those nooks and corners, among the ladies group that was obliviously chattering away, behind the refreshments counter etc. Nowhere was she to be seen. He grew anxious. So was it all an illusion? Was all those lovely memories that they had woven together,mere one-timers?

There they were. Those lovely pair of eyes that had stumped him. Those eyes that had spoken volumes about the admiration and respect they had for him. Those eyes that had shown concern during trying times. Today,he realised that those eyes also conveyed love. Total and Unadulterated love.

They realised the power of the language that the eyes spoke. They understood how much silence can convey if the hearts are in sync. It was at that moment,that precise moment, that the one particular Tirukkural hit them.

கண்ணொடு கண் இணை நோக்கு ஒக்கின், வாய்ச் சொற்கள்
என்ன பயனும் இல 1100

The words of the mouths are of no use whatever, when there is perfect agreement between the eyes (of lovers).

Smiling at each other and mindful of the bond that had been cemented, they moved to join the others. Little did the others know that an epic was unfolding among them, based on the couplet of the Greatest Symbol of Tamil Literature.



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