WhatsApp Musings- Episode 1

So its one of my relative’s birthday and after the customary wishing on the WhatsApp family group ( for the uninitiated, it is a technologically advanced version of unnecessary debating and judging that happens in Indian Families), I asked her about what gift her husband has got her. Believe me, I was not ready to take a “Nothing” for an answer. But yes, that’s what she got. Nothing. I then asked her husband as to why he is so cruel (:P ) in doing this, to which he replied that they have dinner plans the next evening. There, that did make me a little relieved from my indignation.

While this banter was going on, another relative chips in with a wise input that once kids come into the couples life, the entire focus is on the poor baby/ies. I mean, WTF!

I implied, although it might have been in a totally different sense altogether, that it meant two things.

One- Child bearing is a/the priority.
Two- Well, there is no “me” time after the child comes. Ever.

So, I can safely say that once I become a mother, I will have to forget my time and focus completely on making that poor Kiddo’s life hell by constant direction and judging. What a sad life I must lead then.

I do understand that children need constant care and am all up for it. Believe me. But to say that I have be behind her for the rest of my life just because I took the pains to give birth to her seems annoyingly irritating.

Whatever, somehow I have got fodder for today’s “talk” with my mom. That’s something amusing about my family’s WhatsApp group. It never ceases to throw nonsense at me, although at times it does makes me think over and re-establish my opinions.


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