An Ode to 2015

Whattey year it has been. Roller Coaster ride. I started out employed and I am ending the year in the same way. All that time in between the two dates, well , doesn't count.:P The year was fast. I mean express fast. That is for sure. Lots of ups and downs like all of you.... Continue Reading →


What the Beep!

Now that the controversy around the beep song is almost dead and all those people who had an opinion have voiced theirs out, it is my turn to rant. Disclaimer : I have not watched the video yet. And I don't intend to watch it anytime soon either. All the opinions expressed below this point... Continue Reading →

Sunday FunDA!!

I was not much into poems. Since childhood, due to the existence of a blissful concept where we had to memorise poems and write it for the exams and get marks and shut the books, I have not been much into poetry. I grew up. I grew up to respect people who had the ability... Continue Reading →

Change is the rule of Nature, Is it?

  It all began with the Nirbhaya rape. Or it seemed so. After that, all hell broke loose. One faction blaming that the girl should have pleaded with the rapists and called them "brothers" to stop getting raped. Another team saying that " Boys will be Boys" and yet another brainy dude saying," The girl... Continue Reading →

Thinking times

This post is my answer to a question asked to me on Quora. 10 Things that I don't like about India as an Indian. It took me a while to frame the answer, but then I think I have summed it up well. I am an Indian. I am happy and proud to be one... Continue Reading →

Chennaiyin Recovery and Retrospection

The last few weeks have been harrowing in Chennai. Incessant and obnoxious rains. That was all that was there. Nothing more, nothing less. The aftermath is ridiculous too. It has been a great scene that the City rose up to the calamity in a brilliant way and I am sincerely happy to chip in that... Continue Reading →

Unity redefined :) #ChennaiRains

This piece below is an answer to a question asked to me and a bunch of other Chennai-wasis about the floods,the day the rains started lashing the coast. This is how it was as on December 2nd,2015. It is bad. You know how it feels when the place you have lived and loved all through... Continue Reading →

Dating Game

Chennai's tryst with monsoon has done something good with me. It has helped me rekindle my interest in reading which ,sadly,had been on a Hibernate mode for the past five years. So, on a reading spree, I lay my hands on a Danielle Steel book, Dating Game. I have no idea what made me choose... Continue Reading →

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