Dating Game

Chennai’s tryst with monsoon has done something good with me. It has helped me rekindle my interest in reading which ,sadly,had been on a Hibernate mode for the past five years.

So, on a reading spree, I lay my hands on a Danielle Steel book, Dating Game. I have no idea what made me choose this book over all other titles that filled the bookshelf. Was it the Bubblegum Pink cover? or Was it the Title about dating and referring to it as a “Game”? or Was it the mention of Danielle Steel in bold block silver letters? I do not know. I had just read a few books of Danielle Steel before and had observed a pattern in most of her works. Stories of personal tragedies and disasters and how the protagonists made strong comebacks from all setbacks made the usual theme as far as I have known. I,personally like reading about such comebacks. So there I go, Page 1,Page 2…..

This was a story about a marriage of a quarter of a century falling apart in a night. That was the beginning. A perfect marriage shattered in an instant and how She struggles to come to terms with it. Also, this was a story about how a change of location would do loads
of good when things go awfully wrong.

In a wholly new place and thrust into a vulnerable situation, She manages to be courageous enough to take risks and live on. That was the need of the hour and that is what exactly She does. Ofcourse She has help from various ends, in the form of her daughter and son, a watchful and protective mentor, few good friends etc.

The story also gave Gyaan about certain paradoxes in the realm of Dating. It also illustrated the beautiful relationship that the Mother- daughter duo enjoyed.

A few portions of the book made me yearn and pine. A few portions made me sad and some other,happy. Most importantly,this book hit me at the back of my head and said ” Dude, go with the flow. Bad things happen to all. Just live on and be brave. Things will get

I am still at a loss if that was a reference to the current floods in Chennai or a general pointer to my life, but it was good,nevertheless.
Here I am, not sad that I judged a book by its cover.*wink**wink*

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