Change is the rule of Nature, Is it?



It all began with the Nirbhaya rape. Or it seemed so. After that, all hell broke loose.

One faction blaming that the girl should have pleaded with the rapists and called them “brothers” to stop getting raped. Another team saying that ” Boys will be Boys” and yet another brainy dude saying,” The girl asked for it” and many more other variants of the same crap.

Now it has come to a situation where a 28 year old infant has gotten raped. Was it asking for it? Ohhhh, it must be the clothes that she must have been wearing!! Or was it because she couldn’t open her mouth to plead her “brothers” to leave her unharmed?

I am sickened by this. Rape is an unforgivable crime. Whoever be the victim and whoever be the perpetrator. I am more sickened by the attitude of the people who respond by giving bullshit comments and answers. Such people must also be punished along with the perpetrator for being insensitive and inebriated while commenting on an issue of national importance. Insensitivity must be made a crime, to be honest.

Does it even occur to these buggers that the issue is one that must be dealt from the grass-root levels? Well, the past generation is done and dusted with, at least the current generation can do their part and pave the way for a safer environment for everybody out there. And mind you, I was not emphasising on women alone when it comes to safety. Men and boys are equally vulnerable too and they need safety too.

Law enforcement needs to be strict and strong. It has to strive to achieve its goals of justice and relief to the victim and must not be twisted to provide relief to the perpetrator due to flimsy grounds like age or sex. That is not going to solve anything and such sick bastards must be castrated.

Like charity , certain qualities must be inculcated from a very young age and respecting the other person’s privacy is one such quality that seems missing a lot, these days.

Change, for God’s sake, Change!


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