Chennaiyin Recovery and Retrospection

The last few weeks have been harrowing in Chennai. Incessant and obnoxious rains. That was all that was there. Nothing more, nothing less. The aftermath is ridiculous too. It has been a great scene that the City rose up to the calamity in a brilliant way and I am sincerely happy to chip in that we are on our way back to normalcy, though slowly.

Now starts the time to retrospect as to what really caused this damage. Was Chennai not designated to withstand this calamity? What was the real reason behind the damage of this scale?

Do you think that the root cause developed overnight? Nopes. Let me tell you what might have been  major contributors towards the flooding that took a toll on the city.

  • Construction beyond the approved plans for the city. I get that the city expanded ruthlessly in the past ten years but lets face it, we have been expanding onto the areas which were actually spaces designated as lakes and other water bodies. We have been encroaching unscrupulously over them and now bearing the brunt of all of it. Chennai was never a dry place. That’s why we had all those water bodies, in order to store the rain water that we get during the North-east Monsoons. I also heard that some parts of the city that was in the original plans of the city stood like a rock in the ravaging rains. That was solely because the place had a proper layout and plan.
  • Lack of civic sense among the people. I know this would be a little harsh at this point in time, but then, its high time we accept what idiots we have been. Throwing garbage on the roads and being cool about it isn’t funny or even sane  at any levels. For Heaven’s sake, there are places marked for disposing off garbage and we would do well to dispose it there. The general apathy is disgusting and arrogant,guys.
  • Also, I heard various accounts of my friends who were field volunteers that the people who were affected demanded variety when the food packets were distributed. I mean, is this the time for vanity? Dude, hundreds of people are remaining to be rescued and supported and all that you care about is the absence of variety in your food? Can’t you be grateful that the food given to you is fresh and hygienic? The laziness of some people astounded me too. They had wanted the volunteers to come to them and give them the relief materials. Not impressive at all,if I might say.
  • In addition to all this I happened to hear few complaints that the materials were delayed or not available due to absence of Government machinery to give orders and guide them. In the times of a Natural disaster, one does not wait around for orders. Following the hierarchy at these times is utter nonsense and not right. I never thought we were gonna be depending on the government for everything either. It is high time we stand up for ourselves first and then think about blaming others.

But,what makes me shudder even more is that, despite all those melodramas that people put up before the cameras of the presstitutes, they are not going to change their voting pattern. Very recently, in a heated debate on a similar topic with one of my good friends, there was a point about the memory span of a voter. I realise that it is true. We have a very short memory span as a voter and I dare say that we are way too forgiving too. We do not really remember things that had taken place earlier and do not cast out vote accordingly. It was totally right when somebody had actually mentioned this as the electoral pattern of the country.

In India, people do not cast their vote, they vote their caste.

As simple a statement that was, it gave profound insight into what we are doing. Until we keep selling our votes for a quarter bottle and a pack of chicken biryani,until we conclude that the better the freebies, the better the CM/PM, until we are going to decide our vote based on the caste of the candidate, it is grossly unfair and unreasonable for us to expect anything tangible from the government.

I would then say that we got served what we deserved for our own recklessness, stupidity and greed.


2 thoughts on “Chennaiyin Recovery and Retrospection

  1. i was at cuddalore for the last two days volunteering in a medical relief camp and i can attest to the fact that the official machinery did everything they could to discourage the volunteers from doing any relief work which did not involve political blessings..i am extremely pissed off right now and looking for a place to vent my anger…so maybe i should do a blog post too- based on my first person experiences

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