Thinking times

This post is my answer to a question asked to me on Quora.

10 Things that I don’t like about India as an Indian.

It took me a while to frame the answer, but then I think I have summed it up well.

I am an Indian. I am happy and proud to be one too. India is a country of extremes. So like everything else , we find imperfections here also. The ten things that irritate me,as an Indian would be

  1. People who throw garbage everywhere except the dustbin. Many a times I have actually seen educated and seemingly cultured people throw wrappers and waste papers on the roads or in public places. I am a big protester of this and have on many occasions asked them to give the wrappers to me so that I can dispose them off in the proper way.
  2. I hate the apathy of people regarding traffic rules. People who talk loud about bribery and unruliness of policemen should first obey the law of the land. Breaking the law and being cheeky about it does not warrant VIP treatment. I am in no way in support of bribery but just am talking about the root cause.
  3. The adjustment mentality. I refer to a very common example. I am yet to see a chaiwala in Indian Railways who sells a full cup of coffee. We pay for a full cup but we don’t care to fight for the full cup that we pay for. Similarly, selling stuff at a price over and above the MRP. Many a times I have literally taken classes for those shopkeepers who do this. I would ask those big time protestors to begin with small issues like this. When we don’t stand up for the right thing, then we are not designated to complain about exploitation.
  4. Spitting in public. The very suave citizen on a fucking awesome high end car, lowering the window glass and spits on to the road. Such a turn off. Equally irritating is the intellectuals who spit from inside the bus through the window. Do they even care about others on the road?
  5. Pissing in public. Enough said.
  6. Talking about rights when they don’t give a damn for their duties.
  7. The obsession with how the society would perceive us and status.
  8. Donating a highly valuable diamond crown to a deity but driving away the poor child who comes to him asking for food.
  9. Reservation system in education and jobs. And then putting the blame on brain drain.
  10. The quintessential “aapko pata hei Ki mera baap kaun hei?”


Sigh, so much for ranting eh??

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