Sunday FunDA!!

I was not much into poems. Since childhood, due to the existence of a blissful concept where we had to memorise poems and write it for the exams and get marks and shut the books, I have not been much into poetry. I grew up. I grew up to respect people who had the ability to write poems. And that was that. Nothing more to it.

I didn’t even know that there were people who got together to read and enjoy poetry. Very recently I happened to come across a poetry reading session that was organised by the online library “I love” ( A wordplay on the sentence I love reading 😛 .Pretty cool eh?) on the works of Shel Silverstein and Ogden Nash. ( I didn’t know who they were) . They also have this cool program to inculcate the habit of reading storybooks among school kids. When I heard about it I so wished we had such an initiative when I was at school ( 7 years back, at least!) (       -the link in case you get all nostalgic and want to check it out) . You know, it gets me all sad when kids of my younger bro’s age don’t know or even care to care about Hardy Boys or Jane Eyre or Dracula… 😦 . Alright I am getting into a “rant mode” here, now let’s get back on track 🙂

My cousin and I decided to check it out because we were desperately looking for some kind of entertainment that were not visual or music. So, on 13th December afternoon,we promptly reached The Brew Room in Besant Nagar for the session. I promise I had no idea what was going to happen.

Slowly people started coming in and we got settled with lots of chairs,coffee tables and a bunch of bells ( to call to order food 😀 ). We were an odd lot. We had huge variety in the small group of 12-15 people. Literature students, interns, IITians, Storytellers, Fashion grads, High-schooler etc. Wow! That is some variety,I thought.

Enter,Amrutash, the poet ( I mean, for the evening because he was the one reading out poems )  with a few books of poems by the two poets. He began with a short intro about Shel Silverstein and proceeded to read out a few of his illustrated poems. It was Fun, with a capital F. 😀

Though he began as an illustrator, it was later in his career that the transformation into a children’s poet was completed. Uncle Shelby ( That is how he has been calling himself in some of his works ) also had varied interests and talent in penning down songs and plays.

Shel Silverstein

That was followed up by a reading from the collections of Ogden Nash’s poems. Man!That was funny and blended with rhymes and rhythms all through the poem. ( I am giving one of the poems of Ogden Nash too )

Ogden Nash was an American poet who was known for his humour in the poems. ( He looks endearing ,doesn’t he? )

Ogden Nash

His poems have that rhythm in words and usually rhymes well. He is known to have incorporated the elements of daily life into his poems and his style was unconventional and at times ,sarcastic.

Everybody who has a baby thinks everybody who hasn’t a baby ought to have a baby,
Which accounts for the success of such plays as the Irish Rose of Abie,
The idea apparently being that just by being fruitful
You are doing something beautiful,
Which if it is true
Means that the common housefly is several times more beautiful than me or you.
Who is responsible for this propaganda that fills our houses from their attics to their kitchens?
Is it the perambulator trust or the safety pin manufacturers or the census takers or the obstetricians?
Men and women everywhere would have a lot more chance of acquiring recreation and fame and financial independence
If they didn’t have to spend most of their time and money tending and supporting two or three unattractive descendants.
We could soon upset this kettle of fish, forsooth,
If every adult would only come out and tell every other adult the truth.
To arms, adults! Kindle the beacon fires!
Women, do you want to be nothing but dams? Men, do you want to be nothing but sires?
To arms, Mr. President! Call out the army, the navy, the marines, the militia, the cadets and the middies.
Down with the kiddies!

The session was even more peppered up when somebody blurted about about the French fries 😛 and it was then that I understood whattey combination the poems and food was.

All in all I had a fabulous time and thanks to the organisers. We do have lots of events lined up and I am even more eager for that.

Pic Source- WikiPedia


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