An Ode to 2015

Whattey year it has been.

Roller Coaster ride. I started out employed and I am ending the year in the same way. All that time in between the two dates, well , doesn’t count.:P

The year was fast. I mean express fast. That is for sure. Lots of ups and downs like all of you. Lots of traps and pitfalls. Yet, I survived and am stronger than I was on 1.1.2015.

Time teaches us a lot of things. The best of it would be the fact that it shows us who we really are. It shows us the darkest side of us and finally brings us out to see the Sun. That is what happens to all of us and I am no exception for that rule.

Thanks you all guys for making my year a fantastic one and I hope to write an Ode next year this time with all of you too.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016 and let all this good come to you and make you cheer the whole year!! 🙂


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