Remembering Dhanushkodi-The Ghost Town

While it has been a desire for my family to visit Dhanushkodi everytime we visit Rameshwaram, it so happened that I beat them to it and get a chance to go there. It was one of our perennial outstation work and being stuck up in the dry district of Ramnad, it was on one scorching afternoon that we decided to head to the Ghost town of Dhanushkodi.

Rameshwaram , I have always loved for the beauty of Pamban and also for the incredible Engineering marvel that is the Cantilever Rail Bridge. Dhanushkodi had intrigued me since long. I had read about the history of the place and was waiting for a chance to visit and I got my chance, Thanks to an Audit Assignment.

So we, my friend and I set off on a jeep to Dhanushkodi (Jeeps are the only mode of transport to and from Dhanushkodi)late in the afternoon. It was a bumpy ride, literally, because the path was marshy and uneven. The scenery caught my eyes first. I went all “WOAH!!” The sand was all white and the landscape was barren. Not one tree around and rare sight of bushes and grass.

It felt surreal. I really felt a rush of feelings, some happy that it was probably the most silent and peaceful place I have ever been to and some of utter despair because this was one place that was bustling one night and was completely doomed the next morning without a trace of live. It made me all philosophical thinking how short and fickle life is. I made a mental note to tell all my dear ones that I LOVE THEM, coz nobody knows if I might me alive the next day.

And so, we roamed around , went and stood in the beach. That was a beautiful moment to spot the confluence of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal to my left. Indian Ocean was rough and the Bay was calm and to see both extremes rushing onto each other made me smile. The sea was of a brilliant shade of blue , soothing.

We also saw the ruined remnants of the Church and a rail track that had the ill-fated Boat mail once upon a time.

Apparently this is a Ghost town which was ruined by the Cyclonic storm in 1964. The storm was so bad that it triggered a tsunami and wiped off the entire town , overnight. The only form of human beings that one can see there is the people who sell fish for a living . Even they wind up and return back to their homes in the mainland by 5.30 PM.

The trip was worth the wait and I wish I had thought about this then, I don’t have any more pictures. Sorry people, now I have started documenting in a much better way. The picture attached in here is the view of the sea from Pamban and not Dhanushkodi. Again, Apologies! 🙂

So try Dhanushkodi guys! Worth your time and a perfect place to contemplate and realise how small we are in this whole wide universe.


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