What the Beep!

Now that the controversy around the beep song is almost dead and all those people who had an opinion have voiced theirs out, it is my turn to rant.

Disclaimer : I have not watched the video yet. And I don’t intend to watch it anytime soon either. All the opinions expressed below this point is absolutely personal and whoever suffers from serious intolerance issues, Thanks for reading upto this, Good day, Buh-bye!

Ya, so back to my matter of subject.

The beep song. So the song is offensive to women? So it comes from an actor and a music director, both quite established in their fields. So the song abuses/objectifies women. So the song is said to have been unintentionally leaked and was not “released” on purpose.

I mean, why all this craziness yaar?

That song is not the only one that came out in the six odd decades that turned out to be demeaning to women. Many other songs have somehow “escaped” the eyes of our “ever watchful” censor board. But, yeah,well who cares about all those things, right?

One more light observation that I made was that while all this noise was happening down south, there was one guy who escaped a deserving punishment on mere technicality and also he was awarded support for further livelihood. Did we even care about it? Nope, all those feminist activists here were busy burning effigies of the actor and the MD.

I do accept that people who are in a public light must behave in a socially responsible way and must be careful about the image that they portray to the world outside. This applies for all celebrities. Please don’t get me started on ” Dude, They have their own private lives” thing. I don’t care about that much. All I care about is their public life. Being a celebrity comes at a cost. That cost is the cost of being responsible for their actions and accountable for their statements. One cannot have the cake and eat it too.

Moreover, let us take a moment and look at the root cause. If some action of some person really offends you, it would mean that person meant something for you. So before you actually consider somebody as your own Demi-god or even actual God, kindly do a background check,fellas. Failing in that aspect and expecting pure gold from them is well, your ignorance. I would put it this way, “You deserve nothing less”.

Like everything else, something cheap gets sold better and this is no exception. In a country where nobody raises any voice against wrongful judgement which borders on absurdity, sleazy movies in the name or art etc, I guess this is fitting.

Time to rethink and re establish our principles,may be??

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