The Forbidden Fruit

This is going to be a controversial post, I suppose. As the name suggests, the post is about things that are forbidden in our society/culture. Okay, not really forbidden, but things considered as taboo. The roots or trigger for me to write this comes from a very recent session I attended, courtesy, The LitFest 2016.... Continue Reading →


Transcending life with the Tirukkural

It is not very often that one gets to witness a session on something that is timeless and precious. Not every work of literature sustains its sanctity and relevance even after about 2000 years from the time it was written. “ Ulaga Podhu Marai” as they call it, is a revered book for many out... Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Chennai

Five frigging years and every year it has become my way of life to miss either Pongal or Diwali. It so happened that my family will be celebrating it in a full blown fashion while I will be here in Chennai struggling for food. ( Courtesy- Closed hotels and road side vendors) Chennai is one... Continue Reading →

After All This Time? ALWAYS!!

This might sound so hypocritical to you all. I don't really care. You might even go to the extent to call me pretentious and "peter". I still don't care. Alan Rickman is dead. The man who breathed life into a fictional character, the man who I grew up watching and hating ( yes, sadly, Thanks... Continue Reading →

I just did a Neville!

Absent mindedness and I go a long way back. Growing up in a semi orthodox environment with disciplinarian parents, I remember getting flayed for being mentally absent. I don’t deny the fact that I usually live in my own world, but that never meant that I was doing all those foolish stuff on purpose.  ... Continue Reading →

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