I just did a Neville!

Absent mindedness and I go a long way back. Growing up in a semi orthodox environment with disciplinarian parents, I remember getting flayed for being mentally absent. I don’t deny the fact that I usually live in my own world, but that never meant that I was doing all those foolish stuff on purpose.


A recent chat with my friends revealed that I was not just absent-minded but also slowly turning to be dumb. 😛 . The banter then continued to the realms of the unspoken, my trysts with being lost and absent-minded.  The three incidents that I am describing here happened in the span of a month. 30 days and 3 major incidents of being labeled as dumb and facing a thorough Facepalm moment. Not bad eh??


Being brought up in a house that had or has no WiFi, I had no knowledge about connecting my gadgets to a network, leave alone configuring it. So one day during the Chennai floods, I am sitting bored at my place, facebooking my time away with the help of the home WiFi connection while my phone network had conked off. I am chatting with a friend of mine and was complaining to him that I miss the chattery Whatsapp group activities and was telling him to convey my regards to all in the group. He immediately asks me how am I able to come online on Facebook while my phone network is not on at all. I immediately reply that my home has WiFi. That dushman not just teased my life out, but also took a screenshot of our conversation and posted it on the group. That’s how I earned the tag of “Tech Illiterate”.

I joined an Audit Firm recently and was assigned a team to work in. Two juniors and an associate, we gelled on well. Later one day, the junior came to me and said “Please save my number, I will give you a ring now” to which I agreed. After saving her number, I told “I will give you a ring now, you please save that as my number “. The blank stare and the suppressed smile didn’t wake me up from my “zone”. A split second later she says,” How do you think I gave you a call a while back?” That struck me hard. I just gave a sheepish smile and bid her Goodbye. 😛

The third incident happened during my exam holidays. So this incident happened in November 2015, when my CA final exams were on. My last exam got postponed due to rains in Chennai and it was scheduled on 26/11, a Thursday. So that Saturday, the 21st, I sit with my books to study and revise for the exam. I find the syllabus to be very vast and decided to write down a plan so that I could have a track of my progress. I jotted down the crucial areas that were not to be missed at any cost and other important areas and started assigning days on which it has to be completed. Finally after much game playing on it, arranging and rearranging the days, I finally was satisfied that the portions would be fully , effectively revised by Saturday. (28/11). Not once during the while process of twenty minutes that it struck me that the goddamn exam was on Thursday, two days before the scheduled completion of revision. After twenty odd minutes, I realize something weird with the timetable and Lo! I understood my oversight. That was a truly facepalm moment for me and I still can’t believe I was so careless about it. My mom gave me a big exasperated look while my brother looked at me with horror on his face when I narrated the whole thing. 😀 I am so sure that he must have thought, “The hell is wrong with her?” that moment.

I don’t take pride in being such an absent minded person, but then I do end up creating memories that still makes me smile and remember with fondness, all those events.

After all what is life without a few Leg-pulling events, right? 😉


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