The Curious Case of Chennai

Five frigging years and every year it has become my way of life to miss either Pongal or Diwali. It so happened that my family will be celebrating it in a full blown fashion while I will be here in Chennai struggling for food. ( Courtesy- Closed hotels and road side vendors)

Chennai is one city which becomes very much empty during festival season. The pattern is like this- Just before the festival, the entire population of Chennai and also of all four states of South India go GaGa over the single shopping centre named Ranganathan Street to such an extent that hoping to make it alive to your home-town itself is a big miracle. Then comes the day of the holiday days.  All roads lead to Koyambedu. No, Seriously. It will seem as if the entire traffic moves towards CMBT only.

CMBT is an entire hell by itself. It becomes a grid-lock and buses would be lined up without any considerable movement at all. After all this confusion, one sleeps the night away and wakes up the next morning to see Chennai all silent and empty. All those notorious junctions like Gemini Circle, SRP Tools, Guindy-Velachery Intersection road, Porur Signal etc are empty! One just wonders whether she is in a dream or in real world.

Empty roads, like empty work-days, make one think about the demographic fabric of Chennai. A conclusive proof that Chennai has a huge number of people from outside the city. To see something, that you have taken as a given, to materialise in front of you with evidence is a surreal feeling.

Vandhaarai vaazha Vaikkum Oor idhu. It truly is 🙂 (A city that welcomes and gives livelihood to anybody who comes)


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