Happy 25!!!!!

Love is not about meeting the right person. It is about being with that person till the very end.

Have I been in love? May be. Have I seen people who are in love? A much more sure type of “May be”. Have I seen people who stay with that person because of love? Yes. A resounding yes. Those “people” would be my parents. To think and realise that they celebrate their silver jubilee anniversary this year is amazing.

I have seen them both at their best and also at their worst. I have seen them squabble and make me hate the entire universe, and I have also had my own share of “Awwww” moments seeing them together. It is that love and commitment that makes up for all those slight imperfections. I learn from them every day. Every moment with them is a life lesson for me.

Marriage is not about the glitz and glamour that comes with it. It is about the life after that as a couple. It is not easy to keep holding hands even when one’s world is falling apart. Marriage makes us do that, precisely.

To quote one of my favourite character from a TV show,

“In my life, if I am half happy as you guys are in your marriage, I will consider myself lucky”.

Yes, Appa and Amma, you may not be the perfect couple for the world, but then you are perfect for each other and that’s what matters more.

Happy Happy Wedding anniversary to you both and We all wish you guys hit a half century soon 😉

I feel so overwhelmed that it is hard to get words out of me right now. So you know what I did? I tried taking some of your pictures and also get a few people to talk of you both. I hope you are surprised enough!




Arjun Comment


A few pictures for you to reminisce about the years you both have held each other 🙂



Love you loads 🙂



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