Lost and Found

Their eyes met. Two pairs of eyes that had a beautiful bond years ago. Eyes that had spoken so many silent words with each other. Eyes that had promised to be there for each other for ever and ever. 

Each pair had hundreds of thoughts. One was of questions and the other pair was of explanations and justifications for the deed. 

He was happy to see her. He had been worried if she would be okay. Despite that he had had to take the decision because, to him,it was for the best in the long run. It was an exhilarating moment for him to see her now. She was finally there, at his place. So near, yet so far. Separated by ten feet yet feeling ages apart. She seemed more beautiful than he had ever known her. She seemed so much better in physique and also in spirit. Her contentment was reflecting out of her skin like an aura. She looked like the personification of brilliance. 

His eyes had given it away. She knew he was delighted to see her. She understood that how much worried he was about her well-being. She realised that it was for the good and how hard it might have been for him to break away. She felt different, all of a sudden. She felt at peace. All her restlessness and curiosity gone,in a matter of moments. She found her mind to be at peace. To her, he would always be special. To her,he would always be the man whom she had loved unconditionally. To her, he would always be the person who taught her volumes about the harsh realities of the world in the shortest possible time. 

He walked up to her, with a certain bounce to his steps. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He seemed to be attracted to this “new” her. He seemed to like her even more now , than he had three years back. She knew it all. It was like one of those symphonies between them. Absolutely musical without exchange of words. They were thankful for that strange absence of syllables between them. Somewhere in the bottom of their heart, they knew that speaking out would screw things up. Silence was magical, they thought. 

There felt a sudden urge to hold hands for that would make up for the loss of three years. There still was hesitation, for neither knew how this would end. She wanted a solid future, he wanted his present. That was the conflict. 

She retracted back, not wanting to slip again. “Not anymore” , she thought. She walked back with a jubilant satisfaction in her and with a giant shine in her eyes. She had gotten her answers. She looked up at the sky and sent her prayers. 

He stood there, lost. He had never admired her like this before. He had never fallen for her like this ever before. He knew he wasn’t going to live happily after catching a glimpse of her like this. He wanted to reach out to her. He wanted her so badly in his life that he was willing to follow her like her  shadow. He stood there,stunned, his gaze following her trail and his senses following the fragrance that she had left behind.

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