Melancholic Buzz

On the smooth,straight road I walk, Oblivious to the sounds around Like a cloud that is untied, With my eyes fixed on the horizon. I think of things deep, Run through our talks Living in my own world Of love and only love Facing the world was made easy And so was living life I... Continue Reading →


The Art of Forgiving

So you have been betrayed. Yet again. Ah! She ditched you citing lame reasons? That colleague of yours went behind your back and stole your credit? You must be bubbling with anger and indignation now. You must be cursing all the Gods above and wondering why is it you always at the receiving end of... Continue Reading →

Morning Musing

  On a cool Sunday morning, with the wind ruffling my hair I stroll on the beach, looking far away. Out in the bright,turquoise waters I see your face, With the same charm that had set me ablaze. That moment we met, and those memories we made All fleet by, in seconds, in the eyes... Continue Reading →

Tale of different Zones

So, it is finally the weekend and I am so happy. Happy that a gruelling and sick-o-sick week came to an end. As I lazed around with my friends,chit-chatting about the most commonest (OhKay!! Yo Grammar Nazis, Don't kill me now, yet) topic, Guys, we stumbled upon a very common situation- getting -zoned by guys.... Continue Reading →

The Earthy Tone

Living her life for many years now, Saying her prayers to the Gods up above Each day passes by in the blink of an eye, Unaware of the typhoon her mind is caught by. Born as an angel and grew up as a maid, Through the pits and slush she had to wade The kohl-lined... Continue Reading →

It’s her turn now ;)

"Girls shouldn't initiate", they said. "Wait till he approaches you",they said. "You will be labelled a slut and made an outcast", they said. She was confused. Confused as to what to do. Does the perception of the society about her matter at all? What if the society says something and she ends up doing exactly... Continue Reading →

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