It’s her turn now ;)

“Girls shouldn’t initiate”, they said.

“Wait till he approaches you”,they said.

“You will be labelled a slut and made an outcast”, they said.

She was confused. Confused as to what to do. Does the perception of the society about her matter at all? What if the society says something and she ends up doing exactly the opposite of it? Would it have any impact in the long run? All these thoughts played havoc in her already stressed mind. She had to tell him. She had to confess how much she feels connected when she talks with him. It is a level of comfort that she felt for him. It wasn’t anything cheesy or breezy.

She had her insecurities. She was as normal as any other girl out there,yet, she was so different from all of them. She wanted him to know what she felt about them. Oh,yes! It was suddenly “them” and not “him”. She loved the sound of it. It made her feel all good and positive about it.

It wasn’t a crush at all. Of the hundred other guys on whom she had crushes on, he was not one. Heck! He was nowhere in the list. Still she took the first step to talk. Just out of curiosity and genuine interest in his thoughts and perspectives. She hadn’t known she would be in a crossroad like this. She was growing up,may be. She was starting to get feelings for him, albeit very slowly. She was scared. Once bitten twice shy,they say.

They have had long,winding conversations to look back at. Many of it meaningful, some of them flirtatious. All of it gave her happiness and a sense of completion. She badly wanted to let him know what she felt about “them”. What if he rejects? She didn’t care. Somewhere in the dark and deep corners of her heart, she was prepared for yet another rejection.

Inspite of the raging devils of self-pity and doubts in her heart, she decided to confess and get done with it. “If it works out, well and good. Else, atleast I will get some closure”,she thought. She took her phone and dialled the number. It seemed like an eternity before he answered the call.

Him: Hey! Tell me da. What’s up?

Her: Hi da. Busy? Do you have 10 minutes?

Him: Yes, sure. Whats goin on?

Her: Ummm.. Listen, I don’t know if it is the right time to tell you this. I think we are great as friends and everything is fine between us. I also know that we have discussed about the possibility of “us” and that you fear the factor of distance that seperates us right now. I also know that you still remain unconvinced about it and whatever I say it doesn’t make much sense to you. I respect that. But…

Him: Babe..Babe.. Let me stop you.. Listen..

Her: Please let me complete yaar! 

Him: Fine. Go on Senorita.

Her: But as a girl who has known you for so long and who has spent quite a lot of time with you, I do not want to miss you in my life. I realise the importance that physical proximity for you, but I promise I shall be near you once things get settled. By saying “settled”,I do not mean marriage. I mean our studies and career. I would never want to be apart from you. I want this happiness that I get when I am talking to you, forever. I want to be a part of your life and share all the happiness and sorrows that you may be blessed with. I don’t want any other girl to take that spot. 

Him: Okayyyy..??

Her: So, ummmm, will you stop overthinking and be mine forever? 

Him: Pagli female! I was always yours! 😀 And hell Yes! Forever and ever. 



To all those empowered women out there! Let’s break all cliches and rule the world. Love is magical and profound. Go ahead and tell that special guy how much you love and adore him. He will be grateful for these small bouts of equality bestowed on the world 😉



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