The Earthy Tone


Living her life for many years now,

Saying her prayers to the Gods up above

Each day passes by in the blink of an eye,

Unaware of the typhoon her mind is caught by.

Born as an angel and grew up as a maid,

Through the pits and slush she had to wade

The kohl-lined lashes and dark, round curls,

Dusky skin and those white lil pearls.

The jungles of the city and those wily people

Gave her a high and never a scare.

Her springy step and stunning smile,

Disarmed many , Oh! This isn’t fair.

Not one did know what she was in real,

Battered and bruised, blemished and betrayed.

Neither did she care, for she knew it all,

The people who smiled and those who flayed.

Life goes on, she thought

And never anything she sought.

Resilience was her power,

And she will never bow down ever.

With her head held high, she walked,

With all the symphony she spoke.

Never have I seen an angel before,

Ethereal beauty that made my spirits soar!


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