Tale of different Zones

So, it is finally the weekend and I am so happy. Happy that a gruelling and sick-o-sick week came to an end. As I lazed around with my friends,chit-chatting about the most commonest (OhKay!! Yo Grammar Nazis, Don’t kill me now, yet) topic, Guys, we stumbled upon a very common situation- getting -zoned by guys.

Now, for the unenlightened people reading this post, -zoning is an activity that is done by both the sexes to each other. The “-“there can be filled in with any “relative”wala tag like Friend, sister, brother, bhai etc ( In any language, mind you!) The implied meaning being that the zoner considers the zonee as that “relative” that was substituted instead of the   “-“.

So,yes, back to our weekend ritual, we sat around dissecting and trying to get the deeper meaning of all these zones that have been thrown at us at various junctures of our lives. Disclaimer: Since I am girl, I am writing it from my point of view. If you are a male and have a problem with it, please go on ranting,like me, in your post 😀

Friend-zoned: The most common form of zone which translates to this. ” Girl, I see you are interested in me, but then I am not. I won’t be,ever.” This word must be nominated to “The most popular word of the year” award,if there was one. I say this because, this seemingly harmless word has broken thousands of hearts and thrashed even more hopes to smithereens. Sigh, So much for appearing harmless,innit? 😉


Sister-zoned:  Ah! We do remember that single despicable activity that we have done to the boys in our school, don’t we? I do. I have had serious doubts about the existence and validity of Karma and its allied concepts until I got a taste of this. This word means that ” I consider you as my Rakhi sister and am actually interested in your hot-waali best friend. Could you be a doll and set me up with her?” Karma is omnipresent and omnipotent. Hence proved!


Sister-in-law-zoned: This was my contribution. Of late, I am in this cycle in my life where I talk to an interesting guy. He seems very interesting and awesome and so I go on and introduce them to my girl-friends. Then they vanish off. Mysteriously! A detailed investigation would reveal that, in addition to my judgements of interesting and awesome, my girl-friends have also found them romantic. 😦 Gone there! Now I am not just the Cupid that gave them the love of their lives, I am also the sweet lil Machchini for those guys. Seriously?? *Pokerface*

Friends-with-benefits-zoned: This one I found interesting. The guy and girl starts talking ( Talking here means texting,people) . Those texts range from innocent “Hi”s to outright sleazy sexts. Oh No! They aren’t a couple. They are just really close-good-special-best friends. Would they be a couple anytime soon?? Nah, Not really. They just keep goofing around until the guy gets a new  really close-good-special-best friend.

In a world where everything goes fast, we do expect relationships to begin and stabilise fast. What we all fail to notice is that relationships take enormous time and effort to release that tiny foliage and grow up into a huge tree. That tree would give shade to many others in the form of joy and hope.

In one of my recent conversations with a friend of mine, I realised that I have turned into this female who is scared to love people. Not because they don’t deserve it from me. It is solely because of a few “Once bitten,twice shy” type experiences. Love fearlessly and get attached to people than things,was what he told me. I gave it a thought, a real good thought at that. Yes. It made sense. The ability to love is a superpower. One must exercise it unconditionally. Then, in such a situation, one would not get hurt by the disappointments. I say this for sure because disappointments arise where there are expectations. The love being unconditional, we can only grow and grow with contentment and bliss.

“Love and Trust till the very end”,he said. Either you would get a very good friend, or a very good lesson. 

Profound, Isn’t it?


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