The Art of Forgiving

So you have been betrayed. Yet again.

Ah! She ditched you citing lame reasons?

That colleague of yours went behind your back and stole your credit?

You must be bubbling with anger and indignation now. You must be cursing all the Gods above and wondering why is it you always at the receiving end of things. Suicidal thoughts? Livid at everyone in front of you?? Feel like breaking and thrashing everything around you to bits??

Let me tell you. It is not unusual. Neither is it bad. You are every bit human as I am and you are justified in feeling all the above described emotions. There is nothing wrong or bad about it. It just shows you how human you are and reconfirms the fact that you are in fact made of flesh and blood.

You know what the solution to all these is? Forgiveness and acceptance.


Before you tag me as lame and a spineless coward, let me explain it to you.

Life is an endless maze. A maze filled with mystery and probably magic that is more than what Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had to offer us. It is beautiful and abstract. We do not know what comes the next moment, leave alone next day or month. It is so obscure yet endearing.

Life is unfair. Let’s face it. There will be many more occasions that may leave us confused as the cause or effect of that event. It will leave us baffled and befuddled. We would not know what happened and even worse, why it happened. All that we would see are the happy and jubilant faces around us. Everybody else seem so happy and content with their lives. Everything seems so perfect for them. “I am so unlucky and cursed”, we feel.

Let me tell you a truth. You are wrong. Gravely wrong. Everyone out there is fighting his own battle. Everybody has their own share of problems. They just live with it because certain things are beyond our control. It just happens that way. We just have to accept and move on. Acceptance is the key to that locked dark chamber of our heart.

Should you take revenge on those who had wronged you? You surely deserve better people in your life, don’t you? Yes. You do deserve much better. Although, revenge is not what I would advocate. Revenge poisons our mind. It wastes our precious time which otherwise could have been spent in a much loving and sweet way. Forgive!

Forgive! Not for their sake, but for yours. Forgive, for the one who forgives doesn’t lose anything but might win a heart to his side. Forgive, that would act as a bridge between the you of now and the you of tomorrow. Forgive, for it is the supreme act of kindness and compassion that the world badly needs. Forgive, not to make them feel small, but to develop yourself into a bigger and better person.

We forget that the world exists by the presence of qualities like love, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance. We, in our hurry to prove something to the world, remain oblivious to the basic traits that one needs, to live. Acceptance paves the way for our mind to forgive others which is the beginning of the Spring of the garden that we call Life.



5 thoughts on “The Art of Forgiving

  1. Amazing piece of Art Megha… 🙂 Yes, We seek revenge and we fall prey to emotions and stay restless all the time but the person who backstabbed or ditched will always be happy and move on… Let’s learn to forgive… 🙂

  2. If Art of Forgiving was a course then everyone would have enrolled for it. Alas! It’s easy to say but difficult to implement – the art of Forgiving.

    You are one talented girl! Keep up with the good work my friend!

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