Melancholic Buzz


On the smooth,straight road I walk,

Oblivious to the sounds around

Like a cloud that is untied,

With my eyes fixed on the horizon.

I think of things deep,

Run through our talks

Living in my own world

Of love and only love

Facing the world was made easy

And so was living life

I could take on an army

With you beside me

And then you went

Out of the blue

Without telling a word

With no glimpse of remorse

And here I am now

Starting things afresh

Humming a mild tune

In all melancholy

I look beside me

To stare at emptiness

I give a wry and dry smile

And take my first step

A step to discover life

A step to embrace failures

A step onto that unending path

With all my grace and all the poise

Where the path leads,

I know not

When I shall return

I shall not say

A steely resolve and

The value of life

Alone remains as

My promise to you.


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