The Joys of Fatherhood


I know that the title is a little unconventional and out of the clichéd stuff that has been doing rounds, but fathers are way too underrated in our society.

A society where a mother is praised and raised to the pedestal of God, fathers are comparatively shunned. (I said comparatively, now don’t go all Spartaaaaaa on me). People spend lakhs and lakhs producing movies and songs and what-not’s employing the famed Mother sentiment and counting the coffers, but when it comes to fathers somehow we lack behind.

Fathers are the souls who toil day in and day out to ensure comfortable lives for his wife and kid(s). But all I can see around me is discrimination towards these selfless souls. Starting from the First-word sentiment of babies till the corporate giants, mothers rank first. I had never had any issue with the ways of nature ever before I realized this.

It is an undeniable fact that mothers carry us for nine months and tolerates the labor pain along with the numerous bouts of mood swings and stuff that she goes through the 36 week ordeal. But a father goes through a similar ordeal for 36 years after that.

The expectations thrust on him are enormous. He is expected to be a macho man, shouldering the entire burden of the family on his hardwork, fulfilling each and every desire that the family might express or not. He is expected to bear all this and more without shedding a drop of tear or uttering a word of disdain, because, well boys don’t cry, you see.

The world or rather the society has set some weird benchmarks against which we end up measuring people and the roles they play, invariably. It would be really stunning to see that it is the father who comes to the rescue when the child is confronted by the mother for any prank. It is the father who waits with bated breath when the girl takes baby steps to school. It is he who buys her the first bicycle, in a way giving her wings to fly out and explore the world out there. It is the dad who cries the hardest when his angel gets married. Fathers have a tough life.

The man marries the love of his life and strives to love her every single day the same way he did on the day of marriage. What more could mommy ask for? He smiles everyday even if it takes a lot to do it, just to see his lil family laugh their hearts out. He shuns the world and stands by them, like a rock, till the very end. He struggles to live up to the expectations of various facets of the society.

It is time that we give equal reverence to fathers in our lives and make them feel special every day.

Oh! I am the eternal Appavodu Chella ponnu, right? 😉

Image Source: Pinterest


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