Month: May 2016

Why So Serious?

Ah! The right time to stir this up.

It is almost a day since the debate on Newshour on the snapchat that Tanmay Bhat had made on Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar Ji. I just got off YouTube, with my ears paining. Although I did put in the maximum efforts that I could at this juncture, there is alwasy this risk of me missing out on something when it comes to visual media.

Anyway, now to the point.

Tanmay Bhat had made a snapchat clip, talking abusive stuff about Sachin and Lata Ji. I also saw a bunch of panelists from different backgrounds taking sides and trying to put their views on the board ( Ofcourse, Arnab lives the Thuglife there 😉 ). What annoyed me the most are the stupid reasons that people said against the video.

One gentleman had this huge issue with Tanmay pulling in Lata Ji. He goes on to say that talking about Sachin was still okay, but Lata Ji?? Noooo. Also, he had the brilliance to add that they aren’t doing blue films or any other similar thing that is disrespected in the society.

I have an issue with this notion.

  • Why is it okay if Sachin is teased and why does his blood boil when Lata Ji is teased? Isn’t Sachin worthy enough ? Why such bias between genders? A mistake is a mistake irrespective of the person against whom it is committed.
  • So doing blue films is so disrespectful, that the society has the absolute right to tease the people who do it. Is that what he was trying to say? Are those people not human enough? We all know what Sunny Leone said about kids working in her sets and how people like Kareena Kapoor dance on Item Numbers with kids dancing behind them. We all know how dignified Sunny Leone is and how Katrina Kaif treated a flight stewardess some time back.

Another lady, pitches in, saying people’s sentiments are hurt. So, in such case, one must never talk at all. Apparently one cannot please everybody in a country of 1.2 billion people.

The debate was worth a watch and thought provoking.

I have a few things to say on this topic.

  • Blowing trivial things out of proportion, is actually inviting attention to silly things. The snapchat would have gone unnoticed, but by making it a national issue, they made sure that everybody watches it and knows of the issue.
  • Seriously stop worshipping human beings. They have done their job. nobody did it for charity. Let me be very clear on this. Be it Sachin, or Lata Ji or celebrity for that matter. They are there to earn and live a life like all of us. They just excelled in their chosen field. Simple. There is no need to go gaga over it.
  • Stop attaching your sentiments on things like religion, caste, celebrities, games etc. These are the same bunch of people who throw stones at Dhoni’s house when India loses to Bangladesh. Learn to give importance to things that deserve it.

Wasting one’s own energy and sensibility in the name of culture, religion, sentiments etc is not going to lead us anywhere. Lets just grow up.


Book Review- Between Now and Forever


When I heard about calls for reviews for this book, I was skeptical. I never really could stand romance genre and was more into non-fiction. Then, if not now, when else would I get the liberty to try, right? So I just took a chance in doing this.

This book is about Love, life, hope, acceptance and forgiveness. It is about how important it is to forgive and move forward. The lost love, resulting guilt, new love, unexpected affection and boundless innocence is what await the one who decides to read this book.

Abhimanyu Singh is a little cliched in the beginning, but the way he grows on me all along is miraculous. The description about his physique and his little quirks and demeanor is brilliant and aids in awesome visualization of the guy ( Girls, you are free to imagine that crush of yours *winks*) . He starts out like a spoilt brat but ends up being the man. The way how he forgives himself and plays along to set things right, the way he trusts in the woman and her words and the determination to clean up a mess is excellent.

Abhimanyu Singh gives me hope.

Megha Rai is a woman of steel. She is essentially a One Woman Army and her character speaks volumes about her nerves. Her name, which I claim too, is one of the most crucial things that got me curious about this book. She is forgiving, practical, open-minded and the best of all, independent. She is a woman of her own. She accepts life as it comes and does not shy away from anything that comes her way.

Megha Rai, you are my Woman!

The Sens, are the loving and sweet old couple who give and give in abundance. They sprinkle a copious amount of affection and selflessness. They open their arms wide to a person who had caused the death of their own child. That needs courage. For some reason, I can see The Sens being immortal through another couple in the book 🙂

Shakuntala Devi, Ranvir and even Cheng Lee are well crafted and add that touch to the story.

Ms. Meera Shiva, the author has done a great job in giving this feel-good book that gets over too soon ( although I would support brevity in this genre 😉 ). This will be my go-to book when I feel hopeless about life. This book promises sunshine after a dark night and is a lovely copy to own.



Dear Child!

Dear Child,


You may be wondering as to what this letter is doing in the envelope that you have got as a gift for your birthday. This is my gift to you, on a rather important day in your life. 16, is such a magical number. Happy birthday, my baby. You will always me my baby, no matter how old you grow up to be. 

It is astonishing to see you as an adult. Time flies. It seemed like yesterday when I was apprehensive about keeping you comfortable in a cramped up space inside of me. I just hope it didn’t hurt much. If it did, it was totally unintentional dear. 

Your baby-steps and your sweet, messed up blabbers made my day very often. Not one day, even now, passes by without your thought. On this significant day, I would like to tell you a few things as your mother.

Firstly, you are an adult now and I believe you are slowly realizing that yourself too. Don’t worry about it too much, you will outgrow it very soon. It is normal to feel confused about it at this stage. 

This is the point where you set out to embark upon a journey of your own. You make and chase dreams, go out to discover yourself and know and understand the world better. You are slowly sprouting wings, my child. Fear not! This is an opportunity for you. A blessed opportunity to understand the world and in the process, understand yourself better. 

The whole world is your oyster and go get them! It is totally okay to chase your dreams. It is absolutely fine to be in the race, for time stops for nobody. It is fine to be you. The unabashed and daring you. I mean it. Smile and wear your confidence like the dress that you put on yourself everyday. 

Although, it is my duty to warn you. The world is not a fair place, my child. It has its own traps and pits which is open for you to get stuck and sucked in. Fear not! Be cautious, yet be kind to people around you. They deserve as much compassion as you do too. Keep your eyes open and be attentive to your surroundings. Trust your guts. If something makes you uncomfortable, leave the place. Stand up for what you think is right. 

Baby, the world judges. It does. Do not spare a thought about it. Always remember, you are your biggest strength and your worst enemy too. Use it wisely. It is not wrong to follow your passion. It is not wrong to do something as a profession and also something for your passion. Remember, Passion is overrated. Survival is more crucial. 

Be honest to yourself, kid. That stays on for a long time. Pick your friends wisely. At the end of the day, nobody cares about the number of friends you have. There is nothing wrong in being choosy. 

Remember, you will meet people, who will end up betraying your trust. You will end up feeling heart broken and helpless. Your heart is your own. Seize it and move on. Some people are just not meant to stay in your life. Accept that fact and walk on. Someday you will reach the place you desire to be in. 

There will be times in your life when you will yearn for companionship. It is not bad. It does not mean that you are weak. It shows that you are human too and that you are magnanimous enough to share your space with someone. It shows that you are capable of love and trust. Do not be ashamed of it. You are absolutely normal.

It is totally okay to not have everything sorted. Yes, Amma had this from a friend of mine and it is totally true. It is completely alright to feel messed up. It is fine to feel directionless. Fear not! Some things take time and when it happens, you will understand why it took so long. 

I know you will have lots to celebrate about today and hence I am cutting this short. You were born to win, my child. You were born to live too. Raise your head high and step out. The day is yours.

With all the love that I could give you,


Down the Memory Lane

There would have been a time in most of the Tambrahm kondhai’s lives that we had a paatu mami. ( Yes, learning music or any instruments is mandatory as per the Code of Conduct of Tambrahminism )

This post is my tribute to my paatu mami, who, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated vocalists I have known.

I remeber throwing tantrums from a very young age, to not go for classes. When we had lived in Kerala, there was a bhagavathar who used to come home to teach me music when I was all of four or five years of age. I never liked him. ( Okay, I was a kiddo who, like many others, could be attracted only with colorful candies and toys, and vintage didn’t appeal to me then). I used to say some rubbish reason to escape from the torturous time of singing. Oh! We still have that iconic harmonium in our house,by the way.

So yes, when we shifted to Madurai, I was happy. Happy that I have to go through no more of those music lessons and yaay! What more could I ask for? That was when my neighbors changed and Lo! Guess who moved in?? A new Paatu mami. I swear I had no idea even in the wildest of my dreams. I was caught again, in the never ending cycles of swarams and saadhakams.

My dad, being the over-enthusiastic appa, was only too happy to send me and bask in the glory of having a pon kondhai who knew to sing properly. Days went by and I progressed with some good credits to my name and two new friends ( Paatu mami’s sons).

Mami was very liberal when it came to classes. With the perfect mix of tradition, she infused the classes with a lot of cool factor, like taking turns to sing one part each in the Varnam charanam portion, playing us the cassettes of legends and asking us to identify the raagam, slotting classes early in the morning, especially during Maargazhi so that we could sing Thiruppaavai etc. She had us all try our hands at Kalpana swarams from such young age itself and also the niravals and alapanais. We, the shishyas, used to sit in a semi-circle around her and used to gape at her expertise in doling out the swarams. We also used to squabble for a particular spot to sit. :/ ( Such fight to be the Sheldon Cooper of Paatu Class) She also had both her sons take out their mridangam and violin to practice along with us. It was kind of Katcheri, every day.

Seating Arrangement
Spartaaaaa Moment

Not one word she chided us when we took the liberty to play cricket inside the house during the “Before class” and “After class” grace time. Moreover, she kept a check on me if I was doing saadhakam every day ( Being the neighbor helps, you know). I still remember my excitement when my periappa gifted me a Radel Shruti Box and I ran taking it to mami to tune it. I still have the Shruti Box.

Years went by and studies happened and relocation happened. Now all I want is to go back to those days where one could drown in such divinity without any other thought to steal our own time and focus.

Though online tutoring works well these days, nothing beats that traditional form of music classes. 🙂

Oh My! Such strong memories and I so miss her and those days now. 😦 I was truly blessed to have such a person in my picture of Music and I am loving it to bits.