WhatsApp Musings- Episode # 2

Ah! Long time without bitching about the woes that WhatsApp has brought to our lives. The time gap is merely to observe the happenings, guys, and not because there is any dearth in the amusement that the IM platform brings to me.


So yes, the recent trend has been this- Circulating a slurry of messages to every single person in our contact list and waiting for some miracle to happen. I daresay that Chennai floods have given us a very naive hope of something happening due to these forwards. Let me explain why.

All of us, at some point in our WhatsApp lives, have come across certain messages informing us of “Blood Needed” or “Scholarships Awarded” etc. How many of us have actually bothered to check if the messages are genuine and if there is actually a need for blood for the person mentioned in there? Close to none. It just won’t occur to us. I know. It is normal.

It is a dangerous trend. In case the message is fake and we keep circulating such messages, they act as decoys that divert our attention from certain genuine cases where help is required. All it takes for us to ensure authenticity is that one simple phone call. That would solve a lot of problems. That is something sensible which is the need of the hour too. That brings me to another important hoax that has been doing rounds.

A message about “Sec 233 of the Indian Penal Code that gives complete right for a woman to kill a man who tries to rape her”……….

Sorry to break that bubble. It is nothing short of non-sense. Let me clarify this to you.

The Supreme Court has not bestowed anyone with the supreme right to kill anyone.
The clarification on that message was that it is easy to fight a case under the pretext of Self-defense ( for which the punishment is lower than Murder) than trying the case under “Murder” category. It does not say that there will not be a punishment, it just says that the punishment is marginally less than what one would get for killing a human being.
So this aspect clarified, I would humbly advise all womenfolk out there to be prepared to injure the perpetrator of the crime. Your safety is very important but legally you are not empowered to kill a guy and seek shelter citing Law.

And Oh! Just outta curiosity I googled the IPC Sec.233- It talks about Counterfeit currency and nothing about women’s safety. 😦 So much for being enthusiastic.

Bottomline: Ensure the authenticity of the messages before forwarding them. That might actually save some lives and also spread sensibility!


Image source: Googleaya Namah! 


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