Miseries of Education

The much awaited Class 12 results are out in Tamilnadu and its that time of the year when newspapers are filled with pictures and claims and bragging and what-nots.

I can really visualize the newspapers the next few days. Every school submitting that the topper is from their school and this and that. Every year, the pass percentage seems increasing and the total marks also seem to be on an upward trend. It makes me ponder on a few things. Painful, yet crucial. There is a reason why educational centers seem more like an Industrial Establishment than an  Institution.

Having been from the State Board curriculum I can, with all assurance, say that it is no big deal to pass the Higher Secondary board exams. You have the question paper pattern with you, you have the mark allocation- chapter-wise and question-wise with you. What more does a student need? The education system has come to such a state that scoring a 99% or even a 100% in language papers have become easy these days. ( I am not saying anything bad about it, but then it is language paper for God’s sake and there is an age old adage that nobody can be perfect in language )

So what after scoring an aggregate of 95%+ in such exams? The students with all their hope, step into the temples of specialized education of engineering or whatever they choose to pursue. They aim to come off as toppers there too, given the compulsion that they need to maintain their standards. That done, what next? Placements and all the hooplah that surrounds it.

I have one serious question to ask all these “mark Manufacturers”. Are you even bothered about how employable you are? What have you done to develop your skills that you would require in your work-space. Mind you, I am talking about the general skills which have become a necessity these days, like a decent working knowledge of Microsoft word and Excel. ( By “Decent” I mean the efficient and effective use of features like mail merge and formulae)

I am of the opinion that more than knowledge it is one’s skills that pays off. Knowledge can be gathered from books and the internet but skills can be acquired only through years of practice. How many of us really care if our siblings and cousins have these skills?

Education is misleading people. Marks and certificate have usurped the place which was once ruled by skills and hard work. The entire system is flawed. Students are judged based on a piece of paper that reflects their performance during a three hour period, in an alien environment with all restrictions. That is flawed big time. 

We all are responsible for this mess. We never missed a chance to drag in Sharma ji ka beta or Padma akka’s daughter when it came to marks and rank. We didn’t  care about the guy who walked into our office with confidence, seeking an interview. Heck, we shortlist candidates based on marks! Could it BE anymore sad?

Give the youngsters a chance. Everybody makes mistakes in their lives, all of us slip at least once in our lifetime. Who knows, you might discover a diamond beneath all those layers of dirt. A diamond that was waiting to be unearthed so that it can shine in all its glory and sparkle.





3 thoughts on “Miseries of Education

  1. Rightly said… Our Education system is entirely flawed. Let alone leave the fact about using Ms Excel or Word.. I have known many toppers struggle to type an Official Email.. That’s really sad…

    • Rightly said. I have had one of my batchmates who is qualified come and ask me to send her a template for a CV. :/ Didn’t really know how to react.

      Sathyasodhana of the century da. 😦

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