Book Review- Between Now and Forever


When I heard about calls for reviews for this book, I was skeptical. I never really could stand romance genre and was more into non-fiction. Then, if not now, when else would I get the liberty to try, right? So I just took a chance in doing this.

This book is about Love, life, hope, acceptance and forgiveness. It is about how important it is to forgive and move forward. The lost love, resulting guilt, new love, unexpected affection and boundless innocence is what await the one who decides to read this book.

Abhimanyu Singh is a little cliched in the beginning, but the way he grows on me all along is miraculous. The description about his physique and his little quirks and demeanor is brilliant and aids in awesome visualization of the guy ( Girls, you are free to imagine that crush of yours *winks*) . He starts out like a spoilt brat but ends up being the man. The way how he forgives himself and plays along to set things right, the way he trusts in the woman and her words and the determination to clean up a mess is excellent.

Abhimanyu Singh gives me hope.

Megha Rai is a woman of steel. She is essentially a One Woman Army and her character speaks volumes about her nerves. Her name, which I claim too, is one of the most crucial things that got me curious about this book. She is forgiving, practical, open-minded and the best of all, independent. She is a woman of her own. She accepts life as it comes and does not shy away from anything that comes her way.

Megha Rai, you are my Woman!

The Sens, are the loving and sweet old couple who give and give in abundance. They sprinkle a copious amount of affection and selflessness. They open their arms wide to a person who had caused the death of their own child. That needs courage. For some reason, I can see The Sens being immortal through another couple in the book 🙂

Shakuntala Devi, Ranvir and even Cheng Lee are well crafted and add that touch to the story.

Ms. Meera Shiva, the author has done a great job in giving this feel-good book that gets over too soon ( although I would support brevity in this genre 😉 ). This will be my go-to book when I feel hopeless about life. This book promises sunshine after a dark night and is a lovely copy to own.




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