Why So Serious?

Ah! The right time to stir this up.

It is almost a day since the debate on Newshour on the snapchat that Tanmay Bhat had made on Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar Ji. I just got off YouTube, with my ears paining. Although I did put in the maximum efforts that I could at this juncture, there is alwasy this risk of me missing out on something when it comes to visual media.

Anyway, now to the point.

Tanmay Bhat had made a snapchat clip, talking abusive stuff about Sachin and Lata Ji. I also saw a bunch of panelists from different backgrounds taking sides and trying to put their views on the board ( Ofcourse, Arnab lives the Thuglife there 😉 ). What annoyed me the most are the stupid reasons that people said against the video.

One gentleman had this huge issue with Tanmay pulling in Lata Ji. He goes on to say that talking about Sachin was still okay, but Lata Ji?? Noooo. Also, he had the brilliance to add that they aren’t doing blue films or any other similar thing that is disrespected in the society.

I have an issue with this notion.

  • Why is it okay if Sachin is teased and why does his blood boil when Lata Ji is teased? Isn’t Sachin worthy enough ? Why such bias between genders? A mistake is a mistake irrespective of the person against whom it is committed.
  • So doing blue films is so disrespectful, that the society has the absolute right to tease the people who do it. Is that what he was trying to say? Are those people not human enough? We all know what Sunny Leone said about kids working in her sets and how people like Kareena Kapoor dance on Item Numbers with kids dancing behind them. We all know how dignified Sunny Leone is and how Katrina Kaif treated a flight stewardess some time back.

Another lady, pitches in, saying people’s sentiments are hurt. So, in such case, one must never talk at all. Apparently one cannot please everybody in a country of 1.2 billion people.

The debate was worth a watch and thought provoking.

I have a few things to say on this topic.

  • Blowing trivial things out of proportion, is actually inviting attention to silly things. The snapchat would have gone unnoticed, but by making it a national issue, they made sure that everybody watches it and knows of the issue.
  • Seriously stop worshipping human beings. They have done their job. nobody did it for charity. Let me be very clear on this. Be it Sachin, or Lata Ji or celebrity for that matter. They are there to earn and live a life like all of us. They just excelled in their chosen field. Simple. There is no need to go gaga over it.
  • Stop attaching your sentiments on things like religion, caste, celebrities, games etc. These are the same bunch of people who throw stones at Dhoni’s house when India loses to Bangladesh. Learn to give importance to things that deserve it.

Wasting one’s own energy and sensibility in the name of culture, religion, sentiments etc is not going to lead us anywhere. Lets just grow up.



2 thoughts on “Why So Serious?

  1. i guess the celebrity’s themselves would be cool with being made fun off….its we the so-called fans who are responsible for putting them onto a pedestal…its the curse of india to hero-worship…we have literally handed over our country to people we admire on-screen…compared to that…

  2. Ah! Rightly said Megha.. This is how they also blew the “Beep song” issue. If, they would have left it aside it would have listened to few and ended there. Women associations protested and media made the issue even more bigger where Kids started downloading it by themselves and later complaining that the particular celebrity is the reason… All non-sense..

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