Bajji Sojji

What happens when the Guy and the Girl meet for the first ever time, surrounded by their parents and relatives?

Is it that easy?

Read on to find it out 😉


Hello all. I am Megha, a girl in her twenties who is on the cusp of falling into the trap of marriage. Given below is a slice of my life from somewhere into my future. The scenario here is the “ponnu paakurathu”, or as I would like to call it “Adult-approved sight adiching”. When I say future, it includes all possible permutations and combinations that could happen. So with the usual caveats, read on.

Hi. If you are here then you know who I am. As my fellow writer (remove this fellow-writer nonsense, will you?) Megha explained, this is our take on a not-so-hypothetical scenario and we believe we speak for all the guys and girls from Tamil Nadu when we illustrate what goes on our minds. Throughout this post my thoughts (mind voice for the people back home) will be typed like this and Megha’s will be typed like…

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The Tambrahm Heartbreak

As I sit down to write this post, I smile the widest smile with a slight wickedness lurking somewhere at the corners of my lips. Oh! I am gonna be mercilessly teased after this post by my friends. I am referring to a very practical scenario, which has the potential to shatter blooming relationships. This... Continue Reading →

Charukesi- the seductive beauty

It took only a small Facebook post to get me drowned into unending Carnatic music dosage. Thanks to Youtube, I am able to type this with this beauty of a raga doing its job in my headphones. Music is therapy, I tell you. Some songs make you hum them for a very long time, in... Continue Reading →

The Omnipresent One

Today is one of those “earmarked” days for music and here I am, trying to muster a few words up related to Music. Music has always been a part of our lives, in one form or the other. Some of us would have the vague memories of reluctantly sitting with a teacher to learn music,... Continue Reading →

Rules Ramanujam

I am pretty much a bit of a Rules Ramanujam in the house. Not exactly a stickler for rules, but consumer rights has always been my, for want of a better word, area of interest. Confused enough? Let me explain. Scene 1 Place : Vaigai Express ( The awesome day train that runs between Chennai... Continue Reading →

Faces seen on Quora

Rant Alert. I write this post as a rant that comes out from a seething me, have furious and half amused at the types of people I have come across on this beautiful platform called Quora. This post can very well be taken out of the realms of Quora and applied to other Social networking... Continue Reading →

Eternal Conundrum

Ah, the battle of the heart. The long standing face-off between one's passion and profession. These are times when we see people crying out loud advising others, known and unknown, to follow their heart, to chase their dreams, to pursue their passion. In my life too, I have come across a bunch of people who... Continue Reading →

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