Faces seen on Quora

Rant Alert.

I write this post as a rant that comes out from a seething me, have furious and half amused at the types of people I have come across on this beautiful platform called Quora. This post can very well be taken out of the realms of Quora and applied to other Social networking sites as well, but let me restrict myself to my domain.

Where do I begin? Quora is basically a question answer site which was brilliant once upon a time. These days all that I see is plain trash. Saving a few answers,thanks to those carefully chosen topics, rest all reek with desperation and pure sly.

Being on Quora for about a year and half now, I must say that I have had the fortune to meet and get to know a lot of people. Some have been awesome that I struck a chord immediately and some have been plain irritable that I had to block them for my own sanity. Over the days, I have learnt to take time and analyse people rather than confusing sense and popularity just by seeing the number of followers.

The Brilliant Ones: These people are pure awesomeness and class bundled into a soul. They make absolute sense in what they write and are sober for sure when they handle the keys,typing away to glory. Offline too, they are just the people whom you had known on Quora and they end up in making us push our limits in pursuit of something that is durable and amazing.

The Popular ones: I would say these people know how to sell themselves. They write on popular topics which are always in demand, say Dating and Relationships and are at times annoying. They usually have beautiful love stories to say and those stories usually belong to them, which would be good to read once and beyond that, it is pure pain. They manage to get the most upvotes and also garner followers.

The Sweet ones: I use this term, specifically, because there are people who sweet talk there. Giving false hopes and at times reassurance, when it is apparent that the OP ( the one who seeks the answer) has messed up big time, is their style. Where blunt truth would have opened his eyes, they would assure him that things are gonna be okay and further massage his ego.

The Pretentious ones: Ha! These are the vicious kinds who are the Holier than Thou kinds on the platform and are pure evil outside. They are manipulative/moronic/ just plain stupid. They manage to ruin many, many third parties’ lives and seek some sort of divine satisfaction out of it.

The Creeps: This is one comical type. recently I happened to spot a particular creep on Quora who had the balls to message the exact same wordings to 15-20 girls and somehow his screenshot appeared in a lot of answers by these girls. I was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry. It was apparent that he was trying the age-old Trial and Error method, but to be lazy enough to copy paste the same thing everywhere?? What was he even thinking?? No customisation/personalisation , nothing. I had a heart to ping him back and tell him,”Dekh bhai, tumse na ho paega” , but well, whatever. 😉

People are varied and I have been fortunate enough to get some real good friends from there. There have been instances when I have experienced spite and stupidity too, to the extent it got me furious. Why must people ruin it for others? Why must they desperately try to fit in? What is wrong in being the nice person that you are?

Social media has turned out to be the best medium for the attention-seeking, narcissistic souls that we are. Our lives are being measured, to an extent, by the image that we portray here. That is very clear. For how long? That, my friends, is the real question.

2 thoughts on “Faces seen on Quora

  1. Hahaha nice !! Very very accurate analysis you got there ma’am.

    Totally agree on how Quora is getting to become just another popular, trendy metric of “coolness”. I mean people are literally updating their profile pictures and bios every few hours!!

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