The Omnipresent One

Today is one of those “earmarked” days for music and here I am, trying to muster a few words up related to Music.

Music has always been a part of our lives, in one form or the other. Some of us would have the vague memories of reluctantly sitting with a teacher to learn music, even at such a young age where one cannot spell M-U-S-I-C properly.  Some of us would have been forced due to norms governed by Caste, Gender or the Community.  Anyway, this post, I shall walk you through what music means to me.

To me, it is a language. A form of expression, if I have to put it  better.  My encounter with music goes long way back. With a musically inclined family, one cannot expect otherwise.  Hence, feasting on the daily dosage of Ragams and composers (strictly Carnatic ) I grew up. Regular classes and attending concerts, they did try to hone me into an M.S.SubbuLakshmi or D.K.Pattammal. ( I know this might cause a few of you some indignance, but it is just an exaggeration and shall be taken in a light manner as it was intended originally).  I had other plans. I was lazy. I didn’t understand the value of it back then.  Now I do, though.

I began my exploration of music, because I knew that there is a lot of it out there. I began searching for alternate options like indo-western fusion, those chant types etc. Those gave me peace of mind. I loved them.

As an individual, I find it tough to concentrate on listening to carnatic concert at a stretch for an extended period of time. It is not that I despise it. I adore and revere that form of music. But it is just my nature. May be I have got an attention span the size of a sand grain. I didn’t really feel bad either. To me music was much more beyond those three hour concerts and strict tradition of Guru-Shishya.  Music was all encompassing. I saw sense in appreciating all efforts done by people who create songs/tunes. I was not up for the claim that Carnatic music was THE only form that was worth spending/investing one’s time in.

On these thoughts I would like to share a few compositions that hold a special place in my mind, which also echoes my sentiments mentioned above.

This particular song is one of my favorites. Starting lines sums up my opinions, while the rest of the song is like walking on a tree lined avenue, holding the hand of that special someone, on a beautiful breezy evening.

Music can be found anywhere and everywhere, anytime. It is highly relative to the situation a person is in. To a hungry person, the sound from a pressure cooker would be the ultimate symphony. For an idle, answer seeking and calm mind, even the babbling of water along the brook would be music. To each, his own.

Music does not have a defined format. The lullaby that a mother sings to her child, how much ever croaky a voice she might have, is music. The passionate love that happens between two souls that live for each other, with hopes and dreams of a future together is also music. It is omnipresent.

Music is more of a form of expression than art. Any feeling in the world can be explained very well in a set of musical notes than by words.  Music is in itself a drug, for it is capable of ensnaring the one who takes it, completely. Music is also its antidote.




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