Charukesi- the seductive beauty

It took only a small Facebook post to get me drowned into unending Carnatic music dosage. Thanks to Youtube, I am able to type this with this beauty of a raga doing its job in my headphones. Music is therapy, I tell you.

Some songs make you hum them for a very long time, in a loop, without any reason. There were few such songs that made me hum and remember them somewhere in my subconscious mind. All these songs had that rare quality. They were full of feel. I don’t know how many of you get this reference,but by “feel” I essentially mean that those songs were filled with bhava. They were stunningly sexy, some of them.

It was then that one of my friends introduced me to this gem. He had mentioned it was his favorite raga and that i ought to give it a try. Enthusiastic at the prospect, I listened to it and found it strike a chord instantly. I recognised it as my “that” genre of songs which I had safely collected in the deepest realms of my heart and memories.

This raga has a special quality. It is perfect to emulate any mood with this. Pranks, love, forlorn love, that pre-nuptial shyness, lust etc. You name it and Charukesi has it. Such is the beauty of this raga.

Recent songs of this raga would be nenjil nenjil idho idho from Engeyum Kadhal. Now don’t ask me if there is such a movie. Yes, that Jayam Ravi and Hansika starrer one, remember?? Gadodkaja from Pammal K Samandham is also one among those.

Charukesi is a beautiful raga that is sure to stir you up and choke you with emotions guys. Tread cautiously before drowning in the divinity of this gem.

Adamodi galadaa- Shri.Balamurali Krishna

Bits and Pieces woven to perfection by Isaignani- Charukesi

Engeyum Kaadhal- Bringing the seductress alive

Also, kindly take a look at what my friend has to say on Charukesi here


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