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After The Floods- 3/x


I don’t really get the connection between human beings turning into a new leaf and disaster/misery. Why do people make it seem so? There is no such conclusive proof that every misery brings out the best shade of the most beautiful color in one’s self. To be honest, it is really sad to think that we see sense only when the worst happens to us. Another clichéd story of a “Lost and Found” love, which, this time, has come back out of fear. I am pretty sure that anybody would be proud to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who has been in that post, out of terror and fright. That is the most revolting statement related to “love” and its allied concepts I have ever come across in recent times, apart from these abundant soft porn stuff that has been masquerading as erotica and romance stories.

Verdict– Spare the Love yaar! Bleeeees.


The title seems like an escaped lingo from the DotCom glitch that the world was going through in the late 90s. This piece is a piece from some lengthy story that had a deep karuthu to blurt out but then was rationed in order to save paper. This is as disconnected as the title claims and does extreme justice to the name. I still am searching for the remaining part of the story so that I can write the remaining part of the review.

Verdict– Develop the hints and consequently the entire story and then a Novel.

Folklore of Furious Floods

With an apparent effort to bring in that famed “punch” to the title, this one is yet another graphic description of the disaster that struck. Though the story is extremely similar to the other stories “reviewed” above, those lines describing the evolution of Madras from a coy maiden to a sorted woman, somewhere in the middle of the story, is beautiful. That stands apart in its own shade of lovely purple, in the otherwise black and white tale.

Verdict– Search for those purple shaded lines and be happy about it. Beautifully written, those.

I Gush On


That is the exact reaction that I gave after reading the piece thrice. Ofcourse, I knew what she was talking about, early on, but I really think this was totally unnecessary. There were a lot other things that were rationed during the floods, and there could have been an honorary mention about them as well. But noooooo. Bringing in variety would reduce the awesome factor of boredom that one gets by reading this story. What was the need to do this to people? Speechless and hence I cut short the other sentences that I have in mind. I have them in emotions, by the way, and not in words, for I am lost for them.

Verdict– I better not do this.

Lucky Who

Hilarious one, when compared to the other entries. I thanked God for all the mercies bestowed on this beautiful world after reading this. Humour is very essential in life and also in a book, especially if it is a collection of works from different people. I adored the Fred-George-ish combo of the guys and the crisp narration. Knowing where to stop is an art which the author has mastered in here. Thank you! A million more times.

Verdict– That Mittai rose shirt guy in an otherwise grey donned group! That ray of sunshine on a gloomy and dull week.

A Rude Wake-up Call

It has been six full months after the city of Chennai was ravaged by floods. Extensive loss of men and material resulted in rebirth of what people would call “humanity” and “brotherhood” and what-not. Media had a field day in replaying their stock shots repetitively that it seemed they were making up for their conspicious absence for a long time after Chennai choked. Of course, neither did we have a RaGa here nor did we have a glitzy high profile” Mother murders Daughter” saga going on.We did resist and did what we could to the best of our efforts.

We learnt how to join hands. We learnt to appreciate the bus driver annas and the traffic cops who were doing a fabulous job. I am sure many others would vouch for my words when I say that Chennai was reborn. With pride and compassion in equal amounts. However, I would like to bring in some 3-4 shades of grey into the picture. Pardon me if I hurt your sentiments, for it is always bitter to listen to truth.

While Chennai, the jewel of Tamilnadu was being the attention seeking brat that most stinking-rich uber cool dudes would be, there was a place called Cuddalore which was equally affected. It was that poor lil step-sister of our brat and conveniently forgotten when compared to the attention that Chennai got.

While we spoke like a million loud words about how Chennai people were unfortunate, we missed the point of greed. There is something called City Limits, City planning, water bodies specific areas etc. Nobody cared. All wanted a house even in the shabbiest and ridiculous-est ( that is how furious I am) areas, naming it as Lake-view, marsh-view and many other such preposterous views. People were dumb and greedy. Dumb such that they couldn’t really identify the land on which the brick was laid, in the name of construction, and greedy for all that people cared about was that fistful of sand. Serves them right, I would say.

While one portion of the city was recovering slowly, there was another portion that got to breathe freely, without suffocation. That was the Cooum river. Legends have been written about this waterway that I, as a person in mid-twenties, think of the possibility of such legendary history with a tinge of doubt. I saw the river clean, without a floating trace of filth to constrict its wind pipe. I felt happy. Crores lay written in papers, claiming to have been spent on de-silting and stuff like that. It was time that Nature took things in her/his own hands and did the needful.

While many, many people were out on the streets helping the needy and preparing food for them, fresh and hygenic, there were groups of people who had the audacity to throw the packets onto the streets, for want of variety. If this is not vanity, then what is? When people don’t realise their fortune and good luck, any number of samaritans won’t be enough to save them. I would rather see them starve to death instead of wasting food on them. I would rather feed a child who understands the value of food and who is able to count his blessings than to attempt to feed those brainless retards who wanted variety in food.

Chennai floods brought out the best in people. It also brought to light certain blunt truths, which were apparently dancing butt-naked in front of our eyes. We were just too deluded to even try and see the truth in them.

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After The Floods- 2/x

The time that I started reading the book, one thing after the other comes up. Only after a chella reminder from the mentor did I slow myself down a bit and resume the reading.

All the disclaimers claimed in the previous instalment applies here also, just the way it applies to the entire blogpage. People who have serious nerve issues, please excuse. Blogpagesaresubjecttoinherentriskstoo.

Anyway, lets dive straight into the water now.


With some stamp of Julius Caesar hidden in it, this story (My own Backyard was used to stab me from behind) made me overthink. Ask me why? Thanks to all those suspense thriller reads with which I breathed. The story ends with me giving a *pokerface* ( A rather sharp one at that, Mind You!).

So much for suspense and imagination.

Verdict- Why ya? Why???

Alliance: Agreement: Bond

Now, this might sound like a super advanced, financial crisis wala story, which had its origins in the bowels of the Sub-prime Mortgage crisis that crippled the US economy in 2007-08. But, it is not.

Another Story of Love and Hope. I liked the way it was written and also the flow of the story. I do feel bad that there wasn’t enough doom in it. Afterall, for a tamilian, raging floods, a cruel mamiyar, a saadhu mamanar aren’t enough na?

Verdict- Tastes best when served with visuals and a strong Tamil mega serial background.

Chennai 600013

People do love a “happily ever after” story, right? Well, this is one such story, with lovely cliches sprinkled on the top. This is the peril of watching too many movies, I say. We tend to write things that are too good to be true. Gone are the days where we spoke about one song to go from Rags to riches. This is an inverse of it. Don’t tell me that he won her which in itself is more valuable. Please don’t.

Anyway,this is a light read when one needs a nicey replacement for a movie.

Verdict- A verbal movie experience. 


After The Floods- 1/x

A pleasant surprise made me go all “eeeee” as I received the book today. Trust me when I say that it is so annoying when you can’t track the status of your book that was ordered online. I had no intention to review a single line of the book, but then as I dug myself in, with coffee and chants in the background, I could not help but add cheeky lines in the pages, by the title of each story (which have been clicked and sent to a few of the authors too).

Here I am, reviewing each story, with the least number of words I can,to do justice to those.

A note to all the authors who have made this anthology a reality, I totally respect your efforts behind the stories and I did enjoy reading them. Each one of them. This is just a lame effort from me, on my way to mastering the art of brevity, which I seemingly lack, owing to my practise of legal drafting. ( See?? I did it again. ) So death threats, expletives can be PMed to me happily, which may or may not be read with the sincerity that you wish I had.


A princess weds a Prince, who seems charming and hunky at first, but then turns out to be a sadist and a rapist embroilled in one. The names don’t matter of course. When the “I-am hiding-from-you-for-so-long-so-that-I-can-step-in-at-the-right-moment” wala hero barges in with what is needed at that time, one can’t help but blush and visualise dozens of Tamil movies that had this kind of trend.

The story ends with “hope” which is something that always lingers in the authors posts.

Verdict- Breeze all over!

A zig-zag, Sci-Fi-ish movie that oscillates between the present and the past. The story has to be read twice to actually understand the pendulum-atic movement, which puts Mani Ratnam to shame. Doctor “Saaar”‘s famed tongue-in-cheek-iness is evident along the lines. It would have been great if the story had actually ended with that single word (honestly. it would have been “thug-life-ish”, which suits the author to the T), but they had to ruin it by adding something on the lines of “rosy, mushy, glow, blah-blah”.

Sci-Fi and Rosy glow don’t get along really well, folks! Please.

Verdict- Read it twice to understand it once.

After The Floods

A cute little story that seemed to have been conjured up in haste. Knowing the author in person, I should add that, this is so unlike her usual self. The story is an almost love story which puts the base in a lovely way. It is also a hit in the back of the head to those annoyingly romantic people who expects every brilliant build up to end in “and now we are married forever” bit. The alternating fonts to highlight the two tenses are way too familiar and well, to be honest, a job well done.

Verdict- One does not blow the balloon to burst it at the end, on purpose! 

Strongest Storms Give Out The Most Beautiful Rainbows

Now that I have successfully taken ten full minutes to just type the title, this one is a lovely tale of changing mind-sets. Generously sprinkled with details, details and more details, one gets a little dazed at the “extra innings” part alone. The romanticism involving a journal, coffee etc is slightly cliched and well, it reminds me of the author, even if the story makes me forget her.

Verdict- Attention to details is what this is. 

An Untold Legacy

A typical “I hate my name” to “I love my name” story, set some 25 years into the future, that too in Amreeka. A vivid description of the flood water ravaging the streets brings back the long forgotten frames of some movies. Apart from the flowy narration, the story is a quickie. I say this because, it ended just like that. No warning, whatsoever.

Verdict- A colourful quickie.

The Blame Game

This post comes as the result of a nice discussion Sindhu , Div and I had yesterday.

While the Social media is abuzz with the outrage posts relating to the murder of a Techie named Swathi and consequently the drunken rash driving by a girl of the same age as the murdered Techie, which was fatal, the more important question that lingered is the motivating factor behind such behavior.

I had read a few posts which said that the influence of movies and some sections of the media is what are leading the people to behave in such manner. Movies, which glorify stalking and allied “macho” behaviour where the guy who stalks is not just looked up with admiration, but also end up winning the girl for himself.

Now, I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you, but it doesn’t to me. Not just the stalking part, but also the part where we blame Simbu/Dhanush or any such actor for having done these roles. While you can say that these actors are like role models and children/youngsters try and emulate them and hence that could be a major reason for such nut-case rage, I would simply ask you one question.

“Why are they considered as role models at all? ” 

Are we so much in dearth of awesome people to follow? Or are we that senseless to not understand the basic concept that they are professionals and that they need to earn their daily bread too.

While pages and pages can be written on how “Social responsibilty” is important for people who have the capability of swaying such mass population ( Trust me I am all up for the Social responsibility bit too, which can actually be witnessed here ) the issue is much more deeply rooted. Why do we let them sway us? Why do we let them manipulate us?

This trend has a long history, if you guys notice. We have given 2 film stars, a chance to rule us. We breathe movies. That is how our social fabric has been for decades now. We are wrong when we are incapacitated to such an extent that we fail to differentiate between what is shown for its entertainment value and what happens in reality. We are wrong when we pull the actors inside the brawl, who just do the job for which they are paid for, blaming them for the mess that the society seemingly is in. We are so wrong when we forget that they sell what the market asks for and that the market is “us”.

Anything and everything is a vicious circle. The cause and effect of the social condition now is us. We created it, knowingly or unknowingly, long back. We suffer for it now.

Like everything else, this must change too. Like every change, this would take time too.Till then all that we can do is to hope and to pray, may be.


Pic Source- Google Images.

Blue ticks and Screenshots

Of course you know what I am talking about!


This is probably a major reason for the new-gen relationships going haywire. Forget Infidelity, forget lack of respect, forget everything else. The “last seen..” and the double blue ticks that adorn our WhatsApp conversation windows and those screenshots completely wreck our lives these days.

I am guilty of using each of those at some point or the other in my life so far. No, really. I remember having fought with people because they apparently ‘saw’ my message and did not care to reply. (Ironically I was blind to not see their ‘message’). I have been stupid enough to overthink and ruin my peace of mind over the ‘last seen at’ nonsense. Screenshots, ha, that is a different story altogether. Although personally I use this feature to remember some of the nicest things that people have told me, I have also used it to convey the messages to others when I am too lazy to type everything out.

After having enough troubles from those features, now I have turned everything off. No Last seen blah blah. Oh yeah! WhatsApp was kind enough to warn me that I will not be able to see other’s such timelog if I turned mine off, and well, I said I don’t care about that.

Blue ticks are turned off too, saving a lot of heartburn. The friggin thing is such a blessing that people will at least be at peace giving me that benefit of doubt.

Using all these tools to keep a tab on people whom we love and trust is pathetic. Why don’t we understand that if they want you to know something, they will. What is the necessity for us to poke people and drive them crazy. This reminds me of that hilarious scene in the movie ‘Pyaar ka punchnama’ ( which can be watched right here ). I have to admit that this guy has got it 70% right from his side.

Technology has made us slaves, how much ever ridiculous and funny it might sound. It is even more ironical to think that we fought for independence 60 years back and well, we are imprisoned now.