After The Floods- 3/x

Alone I don’t really get the connection between human beings turning into a new leaf and disaster/misery. Why do people make it seem so? There is no such conclusive proof that every misery brings out the best shade of the most beautiful color in one’s self. To be honest, it is really sad to think... Continue Reading →


A Rude Wake-up Call

It has been six full months after the city of Chennai was ravaged by floods. Extensive loss of men and material resulted in rebirth of what people would call "humanity" and "brotherhood" and what-not. Media had a field day in replaying their stock shots repetitively that it seemed they were making up for their conspicious absence... Continue Reading →

After The Floods- 2/x

The time that I started reading the book, one thing after the other comes up. Only after a chella reminder from the mentor did I slow myself down a bit and resume the reading. All the disclaimers claimed in the previous instalment applies here also, just the way it applies to the entire blogpage. People who have... Continue Reading →

After The Floods- 1/x

A pleasant surprise made me go all "eeeee" as I received the book today. Trust me when I say that it is so annoying when you can't track the status of your book that was ordered online. I had no intention to review a single line of the book, but then as I dug myself... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

This post comes as the result of a nice discussion Sindhu , Div and I had yesterday. While the Social media is abuzz with the outrage posts relating to the murder of a Techie named Swathi and consequently the drunken rash driving by a girl of the same age as the murdered Techie, which was fatal, the more important... Continue Reading →

Blue ticks and Screenshots

Of course you know what I am talking about! This is probably a major reason for the new-gen relationships going haywire. Forget Infidelity, forget lack of respect, forget everything else. The "last seen.." and the double blue ticks that adorn our WhatsApp conversation windows and those screenshots completely wreck our lives these days. I am... Continue Reading →

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