The Blame Game

This post comes as the result of a nice discussion Sindhu , Div and I had yesterday.

While the Social media is abuzz with the outrage posts relating to the murder of a Techie named Swathi and consequently the drunken rash driving by a girl of the same age as the murdered Techie, which was fatal, the more important question that lingered is the motivating factor behind such behavior.

I had read a few posts which said that the influence of movies and some sections of the media is what are leading the people to behave in such manner. Movies, which glorify stalking and allied “macho” behaviour where the guy who stalks is not just looked up with admiration, but also end up winning the girl for himself.

Now, I don’t know if any of this makes sense to you, but it doesn’t to me. Not just the stalking part, but also the part where we blame Simbu/Dhanush or any such actor for having done these roles. While you can say that these actors are like role models and children/youngsters try and emulate them and hence that could be a major reason for such nut-case rage, I would simply ask you one question.

“Why are they considered as role models at all? ” 

Are we so much in dearth of awesome people to follow? Or are we that senseless to not understand the basic concept that they are professionals and that they need to earn their daily bread too.

While pages and pages can be written on how “Social responsibilty” is important for people who have the capability of swaying such mass population ( Trust me I am all up for the Social responsibility bit too, which can actually be witnessed here ) the issue is much more deeply rooted. Why do we let them sway us? Why do we let them manipulate us?

This trend has a long history, if you guys notice. We have given 2 film stars, a chance to rule us. We breathe movies. That is how our social fabric has been for decades now. We are wrong when we are incapacitated to such an extent that we fail to differentiate between what is shown for its entertainment value and what happens in reality. We are wrong when we pull the actors inside the brawl, who just do the job for which they are paid for, blaming them for the mess that the society seemingly is in. We are so wrong when we forget that they sell what the market asks for and that the market is “us”.

Anything and everything is a vicious circle. The cause and effect of the social condition now is us. We created it, knowingly or unknowingly, long back. We suffer for it now.

Like everything else, this must change too. Like every change, this would take time too.Till then all that we can do is to hope and to pray, may be.


Pic Source- Google Images.


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