After The Floods- 1/x

A pleasant surprise made me go all “eeeee” as I received the book today. Trust me when I say that it is so annoying when you can’t track the status of your book that was ordered online. I had no intention to review a single line of the book, but then as I dug myself in, with coffee and chants in the background, I could not help but add cheeky lines in the pages, by the title of each story (which have been clicked and sent to a few of the authors too).

Here I am, reviewing each story, with the least number of words I can,to do justice to those.

A note to all the authors who have made this anthology a reality, I totally respect your efforts behind the stories and I did enjoy reading them. Each one of them. This is just a lame effort from me, on my way to mastering the art of brevity, which I seemingly lack, owing to my practise of legal drafting. ( See?? I did it again. ) So death threats, expletives can be PMed to me happily, which may or may not be read with the sincerity that you wish I had.


A princess weds a Prince, who seems charming and hunky at first, but then turns out to be a sadist and a rapist embroilled in one. The names don’t matter of course. When the “I-am hiding-from-you-for-so-long-so-that-I-can-step-in-at-the-right-moment” wala hero barges in with what is needed at that time, one can’t help but blush and visualise dozens of Tamil movies that had this kind of trend.

The story ends with “hope” which is something that always lingers in the authors posts.

Verdict- Breeze all over!

A zig-zag, Sci-Fi-ish movie that oscillates between the present and the past. The story has to be read twice to actually understand the pendulum-atic movement, which puts Mani Ratnam to shame. Doctor “Saaar”‘s famed tongue-in-cheek-iness is evident along the lines. It would have been great if the story had actually ended with that single word (honestly. it would have been “thug-life-ish”, which suits the author to the T), but they had to ruin it by adding something on the lines of “rosy, mushy, glow, blah-blah”.

Sci-Fi and Rosy glow don’t get along really well, folks! Please.

Verdict- Read it twice to understand it once.

After The Floods

A cute little story that seemed to have been conjured up in haste. Knowing the author in person, I should add that, this is so unlike her usual self. The story is an almost love story which puts the base in a lovely way. It is also a hit in the back of the head to those annoyingly romantic people who expects every brilliant build up to end in “and now we are married forever” bit. The alternating fonts to highlight the two tenses are way too familiar and well, to be honest, a job well done.

Verdict- One does not blow the balloon to burst it at the end, on purpose! 

Strongest Storms Give Out The Most Beautiful Rainbows

Now that I have successfully taken ten full minutes to just type the title, this one is a lovely tale of changing mind-sets. Generously sprinkled with details, details and more details, one gets a little dazed at the “extra innings” part alone. The romanticism involving a journal, coffee etc is slightly cliched and well, it reminds me of the author, even if the story makes me forget her.

Verdict- Attention to details is what this is. 

An Untold Legacy

A typical “I hate my name” to “I love my name” story, set some 25 years into the future, that too in Amreeka. A vivid description of the flood water ravaging the streets brings back the long forgotten frames of some movies. Apart from the flowy narration, the story is a quickie. I say this because, it ended just like that. No warning, whatsoever.

Verdict- A colourful quickie.


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